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Bo Burnham Bringing His Musical Comedy to Sesame Street

From YouTube to Hollywood, Burnham has come far from his internet roots and is the perfect choice to compose songs for the upcoming Sesame Street film. Here is why.

Way back in 2006, when the video sharing service was just beginning, Bo Burnham started uploading his own original, satirical songs. Some songs are personal and relatable, while others are purely satirical, borderline offensive, for everyone who loves that type of humor.




Most YouTube stars have stuck with YouTube, putting on live performances here and there. Burnham on the other hand, has really branched out since his early days as a YouTuber.

Not only is he a successful musician and comedian, he’s also a filmmaker, has a small acting career, and he’s a poet with his own published book entitled EGGHEAD: Or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone. Looks like he hogged all the creativity in his family.


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This is what makes him the perfect choice in the production for the upcoming Sesame Street adaptation.


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Bo Burnham performing | Image via Long Room


With Burnham’s experience with film and music, this should be an easy transition for combining the two together for a major motion production. More than that, if you haven’t already heard his music, Bo Burnham sings catchy, upbeat tunes, that children will love to hear, if their parents would let them. But if comedians like Robin Williams, Tracy Morgan, and Bob Saget have taught us anything, it’s that great comedians can perform for any age. It’s just a matter of changing the material and switching some words around.


According to Entertainment Weekly, the film is “[s]et to be released in 2021…[staring] Anne Hathaway [and the] cast of Sesame Street characters…[with] Jonathan Krisel, known for his work on Portlandia and for co-creating FX’s Baskets…directing.” Bo Burnham will be contributing songs to the film, ones that are more suited for the whole family.



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Victoria Maclean at her desk

Potterhead Makes World Record with JK Rowling Merch

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Are you a BIG Harry Potter fan? Maybe you thought you could beat superfan Menahem Asher Silva Vargas of Mexico who collected over 3,092 items of Harry Potter memorabilia out of the Guinness World Records?

Well, they added the Wizarding World Collection world record – a record which includes the Fantastic Beasts series in addition to the Harry Potter series. Maybe you could snatch up that record?


Victoria Maclean in font of some of her Harry Potter memorabilia

Not a chance! Victoria Maclean is slitherin her way into the record books (Sorry, but that joke belongs to the BBC) with over, and say it with me now, three-thousand-six-hundred-and-eighty-six individual JK Rowling-related items. Again, that’s Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts series. Wonder what she thought of Fantastic Beats: The Crimes of Grindlewald?


Map of Mexico City

This Mexico City resident already has a lot of stuff, but you know what’s crazy? That doesn’t even count the stuff that Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t consider collector’s items. Things like “magazine clippings, full magazines, advertising posters, autographs and newspaper clippings”.

So if you were thinking that your Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Rickman autographs would be considered collectors items – not so. If I were you, I’d get rid of them. But don’t just throw them out in the trash, they could do something bad to the environment. I’ll get rid of them for you.


Severus Snape scaring the pants off you

Mrs. Maclean was presented with her world record certificate by Guinness World Records last Wednesday. The BBC, home of good news and bad jokes, quoted her as saying, “Guinness said, ‘If you want, you could go for the Harry Potter record’, but my husband would divorce me if I did!”

Calendar days flying by

Image Via Elkaff

They also spoke about her life story. Here’s what you need to know, dear Potter Head.

2001- Mrs. Maclean fell in love with Harry Potter after watching a segment on Blue Peter about Harry Potter. Two weeks later, she had bought and read the first book.

2019- “I’ll never stop collecting until I really, really have to. I don’t smoke, I rarely drink – this is my vice,” Mrs. Maclean said.

Well, that explains why I’ll never have this much merchandise of anything. But I digress.

The mother-of-three has collected every book, DVD, toy, bag, item of clothing and piece of jewellery she can – as well as a host of other collectibles. She had a “24 carat gold-plated Golden Snitch puzzle piece from Japan – one of only 5,000 made – which took six years to track down and buy” and got the record even though “some memorabilia items were removed for not having the official labelling”.


YouTube video still of Victoria Maclean

And she actually has all this stuff. You can check out her YouTube channel here where she releases new videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm GMT. But you know what she doesn’t have? Despite all this Harry Potter stuff, she lacks the Holy Grail of Harry Potter merchandise, the Force of Harry Potter collectibles…


Victoria Maclean with Star Wars Tickets

Image Via Linkedin

Iron Throne of Harry Potter supplies…

Victoria Maclean on the Iron Thrones

Image Via Pinterest

….the Sword of Gondor of Harry Potter stuff….A first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Victoria Maclean using her magic on a Harry Potter book

Image Via Daily Express

I’m sure she’ll find it soon. But imagine if all that stuff fell! Then she’s have to Ravenclaw out.

Bad joke, I know. Don’t Hufflepuff the house down.

Okay, I’ll show myself the Gryffindor.



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