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New Graphic Novels for Young Readers From Marvel and Scholastic

Scholastic now has a multi year deal with Marvel to produce Orignal Graphic Novels featuring Marvel characters. The new content will launch the Scholastic Graphix Media line. This launch started with the graphic novels that were released earlier this year, which included iconic characters, Shuri, Kamala Khan. and Miles Morales.

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According to editor of Marvel’s juvinelle publishing, Lauren Bisom, Miles Morales has struck a chord with fans and how his life experiences, culture, and his inner strength tells that classic coming of age story of Spider-Man. It also makes him an inspirational hero to anyone who reads the novels.

Next spring, there will be a new novel featuring Morales, titled, Miles Morales Shockwaves,  that will be written by Justin Reynolds. In this new adventure, Miles is juggling going to school and being a spider-hero. His mother’s home, Puerto Rico suffers from an earthquake, so he quickly sets up a fundraiser, but then a student’s father goes missing. It doesn’t take long for Miles to make a connection between his fundrasier and the disapperance. Sounds like a great story!


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Another great character is Shuri, she was introduced in the Black Panther movie that was released in 2018. Earlier this year a graphic novel featuring her was released titled, Shuri: A Black Panther Novel, it was written by best selling author Nic Stone. The novel recieved critical acclaim and it was the first novel to launch the collaboration between Scholastic and Marvel. The next novel will be Avengers Assembly: Orientation and the author will be Preeti Chhibber, which will be released this August.

This is just the begginning, more titles will be released later this year. This collaboration will definitely encourage children to read. What kid doesn’t love to read about their favorite superhero?

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Joanna Cole, Creator of ‘Magic School Bus,’ Passes at Age 75

Joanna Cole, cherished author and creator of The Magic School Bus series, passed away at age 75 this past Sunday. The cause was reported to be due to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

A former elementary school librarian in Brooklyn, Cole was inspired to create The Magic School Bus based upon her own love for science and a science teacher from her childhood who acted similarly to Ms. Frizzle. Many of Cole’s books received various accolades, making it on the ALA Notable list and winning NSTA/CBC Non-fiction awards. Last month, it was announced that a live-action version of The Magic School Bus was in preparation, to be produced by and starring Elizabeth Banks.

Dick Robinson, CEO of Scholastic, remembers Cole fondly.

In the world of children’s books, it is not often necessary for illustrator and writer to actually meet, but there were conundrums with [Magic School Bus]. Every page was so complicated we had to make decisions: how to make it work. Could it work? And we did. Together. And we became friends. What Joanna has meant to the world, what there is in the world because of her, is well known. What she meant to me I can’t describe. Everyone who knew her, worked with her, loved her, knows what a loss it is.

Cole will be deeply missed, and the knowledge and heart she brought to all of us will live on forever through her art. As the beloved author once stated:

People ask me, ‘Are you like Ms. Frizzle?’ And, as you can see, I don’t dress like Ms. Frizzle and I don’t have hair like Ms. Frizzle. But in one way we are alike. We both like to explain things. And so if you’re with me, you’re going to learn a lot of stuff that you may not even want to know about – because I’ll tell you.

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4 Childhood Throwbacks Books

Do you ever look at your bookshelf and wonder what happened to all those books you read as a kid? I do and sometimes I miss reading those books and feeling how excited I was the first time I held them, ready to explore a new world with new fictional friends. I feel the same way when I pick up a book now, but the excitment is different when you’re a kid, and these four books are some that I will always cherish.

  1. Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park

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Junie B Jones, is the first book series I remember reading on my own. I remember the first time my second grade teacher read a chapter from one of the books, and after that I had to read the books on my own. I believe I owned all of her books at one point. It’s about a kindergarten girl named Junie B Jones, who gets herself in a lot of mischief. She had very strong opinions and was kind of sassy and very much so her own person. In one book she was very outspoken about becoming a big sister and in another one she cut her own hair. It’s a cute series, and it’s written for kids in first-third grade, but I still wish I had some of the books as a keepsake.


2. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

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Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing, is another great series I used to love reading. I remember borrowing them from the library and how funny Fudge was. If you’ve never read this series then you’re missing out because it’s a classic series about a little boy, Peter and his little brother, Fudge. Peter, is fed up with Fudge and all of the attention he gets. All Peter wants is for his parents to pay attention to him sometimes. The dynamic between Fudge and Peter pretty much stays the same throughout the series. They do get a little sister in one of the novels, but regardless Fudge knows how to demand the spotlight. I want to read these books again, they are definitely on my list of books to re-read.


3. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

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A Series of Unfortunate Events, is such a great series that teaches children about having compassion for others. It’s about three orphans, the Baudelaire orphans who lost their parents in a fire. Now they’re being bounced around from different homes because of the evil Count Olaf, who just wants their fortune and is doing everything he can to get it. Even if it means destroying all of their chances at having a home again. I’ve always felt bad for the orphans but now as an adult I amazed at how strong they are at such a young age to deal with everything they’ve dealt with. No one believes them when they say Count Olaf is after them and the people put in charge of them aren’t the best or nicest people. It’s a tragic tale, but it’s a good series, and I already started re-reading this series and I love them just as much as I did the first time I read them.


4. Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

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Captain Underpants, was my first graphic novel and it’s a great series for kids to read. It’s about these two fourth graders who create a comic book called Captain Underpants, they also pull pranks and they mistakenly turn their principal into Captain Underpants! They hypnotize him before he can expose their stunts using a 3D hyno ring. The rest of the adventures are wacky and fun. The adventures are what kept me invested because they get wackier with each book. I highly reccomend it to young kids who don’t like to read much, and considering it’s a graphic novel it won’t be so overwhelming. I love to read so the pictures were just an added bonus for me.

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