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More Stars are Joining Netflix’s You for Season 3

Netflix’s You, is getting a lot of new cast members for the upcoming third season. One of them is from The Vampire Diaries and the other is from Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Michaela MacManus, who played Jules on The Vampire Diaries, will be portraying Natalie. Natalie, is Joe and Love’s next door neighbor who we’ve seen a glimpse of in the season 2 finale. Knowing Joe, he will develop a fascination with her. Even if Natalie has a husband, who is supposedly very powerful. Let’s see how Joe handles Natelie’s husband, and i’m sure it won’t be pretty.

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Also joining the cast is, Tati Gabrielle, who plays Prudence on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She will portrayed a librarian who doesn’t taken any nonsense, named Marianne. Marianne, is also a young mother is trying to better life. Joe, sure does love to help people in these kind of situations, I can only imagine the relationship these two are going to have. Maybe Joe gets a job at the library, he sure does love books.
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A lot more stars are joining this cast from various different shows. Including, Ayelet Zurer, from Angels and Demons, Mackenzie Astin, from the Magicians, and Bryan Safi, from 9-1-1, along with many others. This new season of You, seems like it has a lot in store and will hopefully be a lot better than the last season. With these new characters, it doesn’t have a choice but to be amazing.
You can watch the first two seasons here.
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5 TV Shows That Are Better Than Their Books

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a TV show takes a great book and expands upon its greatness, or takes an “okay” book and turns it into something we all can’t help to fall in love with. These are some recent instances in which TV was somehow better than a book.

1. Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects (TV Mini-Series 2018) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

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This is high praise for the TV show because the book was nothing short of amazing. There’s no doubt that Gillian Flynn knows how to write a good mystery, and it might’ve been her involvement with the show what made it so great. But other than that, the cinematography, scenery, soundtrack, and performances by Amy Adams, Eliza Scanlen, Patricia Clarkson, and Chris Messina are incredible. 10/10 TV show.


2. Normal People

Normal People TV Series First-Look Pictures | POPSUGAR ...

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While the book is also amazing, the plot could get a little repetitive or stagnant since Connell and Marianne got into a sad routine of dating, not admitting feelings, and breaking up. But in the TV show, as a third-person observer, it was easier to see the connection between them, which made this cycle less frustrating. Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones just make the whole show amazing with their stellar performances.


3. You

You Season 3: Penn Badgley Accidentally Confirms the Third Season ...

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The reviews for the Caroline Kepnes’ books are mixed. Some people love them, some are indifferent, some others find issue with the clunky writing and far-fetched plot. But we can all probably agree that the show was addictive. Social media (and its dangers) translate very well to TV, the performances are great, and the ambiance of the show is calm and chilling at the same time making it a perfect show for binging.


4. Good Omens

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The Good Omens TV show was like if someone stuck a projector directly into the pages of the book and projected it into the small screen. The book is amazing in all of the correct ways, it has the amazing and (should I say “ineffable”?) plot, great humor, and just enough existentialism. The TV show being so close to the source material is probably part of what makes it so great. And Michael Sheen and David Tennant as Aziraphale and Crowley? Frances McDormand as God? Genius casting.


5. Killing Eve

Killing Eve Season 2: Eve and Villanelle Photos Released

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The book reviews with these are also mixed, but the TV show is probably one of the best things to come out of TV recently. It’s intriguing, smart, and stylish. Watching Villanelle and Eve’s messy relationship unfold throughout the seasons is equal parts fascinating and entertaining. But it is also the performances by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer that truly make this show amazing.

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Killer Book Recommendations from Joe Goldberg

Warning: Spoilers for You are up ahead!

Netflix’s You has truly taken the world by storm. With a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes for season 1 and an overall score of 90%, it is not hard to see that the show is a good watch. And with a show centered around a book-loving serial killer, it only makes sense that we get a glimpse into the books Joe Goldberg enjoys enough to recommend them to other people – before he kills them.



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In the first episode of the series, Joe recommends this book to Beck, his primary target. The novel itself follows a couple, Otto and Sophie. After Sophie gets bitten by a stray she had been trying to feed, trouble begins to follow the couple. A series of small disasters magnify the issues in Sophie and Otto’s marriage as well as society.


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Joe, as a means to educate his young next-door neighbor, constantly lends Paco books. The classic story of Don Quixote is one of four recommendations Joe lends to the boy. Joe explains to Paco that the story is “about a guy who believes in chivalry so he decides to be an old school knight.” Joe also lends Paco The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Frankenstein.


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As part of an equal exchange, movie recommendations for book recommendations, Joe recommends a list of books to Ellie, the younger sister of his newest target in season 2. A book from Joe’s list is Bulgavok’s The Master and Margarita. The dark but comedic story takes place in the atheist Soviet Union and centers around a visit from the devil himself. Alongside a talking cat who likes vodka, a fanged hitman, a female vampire, and a valet, Satan wreaks havoc on Moscow’s elite.



The show also plays homage to some Honorable Mentions. These are books that Joe doesn’t actually recommend, but are referenced/seen in the show by him or other characters.


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As he questions Beck’s kind-of-boyfriend, Benji, Joe casually references Kerouac’s On the Road. This 1957 novel, based on the travels of Kerouac and his friends, follows two friends (narrator Sal Paradise and his friend Dean Moriarty) as they road trip across the United States. The story is broken up into 5 parts, three of which detail Sal’s road trip escapades with Dean.


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Throughout season 2, Joe can be seen reading the Michael R. Kats translation for Crime and Punishment. Dostoyevsky’s novel tells the story of a thief who wallows in the depths of his guilt after he plans to, and subsequently kills a shop owner. It can be assumed that Joe’s reading of this story reflects his guilt for killing Beck in season 1.



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After meeting Love, the woman recommends Joan Didion’s work to Joe. She describes the book as “a little dark,” and should make Joe feel “right at home.” Love’s sharing of this novel alludes to her own involvement with murder and mayhem. So, it comes to no surprise when Love shows her murderous side as season 2 comes to an end.



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While being trapped in the basement of Mr. Mooney’s bookstore as a child, Joe had ample time to read. So, when he sees an original edition of Ozma of Oz at Peach Salinger’s party, he quickly steals the book, as it reminds him of his time in the basement. The story, the third of Baum’s Oz series, details Dorothy’s second trip to Oz.


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