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Your Favorite Indie Bookstores: Write Blend Bookshop

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This Week’s Winner: Write Blend Bookshop


Image via Write Blend/Facebook


We recently asked readers to send us their favorite independent bookstores. This week, we’re focusing on Write Blend Bookshop, in Waterloo, Liverpool, which was nominated by several of its passionate customers.

For the years they have been in business, Write Blend Bookshop has served as an artistic hub and relaxing space for the community. Not only do they hold an amazing library of books, both popular and underground, but the bookstore also strives to cultivate a love of arts and culture, bringing the community a special space to come together.

They are especially supportive of local musicians and writers. Hans, a regular and local writer, expressed how wonderful and supportive the owner, Bob Stone, and his wife have been.


Bob and his wife are super nice and always very helpful. Their unique sense of humor, the jokes and knowing where every last book is in that place. Bob’s also an author himself, so he knows about the struggle of reaching an audience, and he’s so helpful to local and regional indie authors.


Bob is a friend to all that come in, and have helped a great deal of artists gain their confidence in their respective craft.


Music Event With Ten Strings | Image via Writer Blend Website


The bookstore itself is home to regular events for independent authors, writing courses for those starting out, and they hold open mic events for poetry nights and music nights regularly as well.


Event for Self-publishing Authors | Image via Writer Blend/Facebook


There are music and movement classes for children as well, encouraging our younger generation to embrace and uphold these arts.


Independent Author Event Hosted by Write Blend | Image via Write Blend/Facebook


On top of classes and events for the community, Write Blend Bookshop really shows its deep care for all the people they serve through support services to aid with mental illness. This portion of the bookstore is called “The Therapy Suite” and here they offer holistic healing, nutritional therapy, massages, and even yoga!


Short list of some of the Therapy suite’s relaxing services. | Image via Write Blend Website


If yoga and massage are not quite up your alley, take a stop at Write Blend’s lovely cafe. A quiet space, and the perfect work space for local writers, where there is room to breathe and its intimate atmosphere will make you feel at home.


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Image via TripAdvisor


The cafe makes fantastic and unique brews of coffee, as well as the most delicious cafe treats, many of them originally made.


 Original Autumn Treat made at the cafe, Warm Belgian chocolate shortbread served with a scoop of ice cream and choice of sauce | Image via Write Blend/Facebook


For those of you looking for great reads, Write Blend Bookshop holds a diverse library of books that are popular and underground. They hold books for the mass public and for individual tastes, and its owner, Bob, has made great recommendations!

Another regular of Write Blend, Jude Lennon, shared two of the best recommendations given to him from Bob Stone himself.


So many to choose from… 1. Missing Beat by Bob Stone. This is a YA fantasy novel (part of a trilogy) This is not my usual genre at all. And yet I gave it a go and I’m so glad I did. Compelling, interesting, great characters, great plot. Without Write Blend I would definitely not have come across this book. 2. His Mother by Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes. A brilliant debut looking at a crime from both the point of view of the detective and the criminal. Again, I wouldn’t have found this without Bob suggesting it.


Owner Bob Stone | Image via Write Blend Bookshop


This is a bookstore where any book can be found! If you aren’t finding anything that interests you, special orders can be made, and at reasonable prices. If your plans are bringing you to the area, it could make for a great opportunity to make a special order of your own ahead of time!

Write Blend Bookshop is the ideal bookstore for any lover of arts and culture. It provides not only a diverse amount of books to read, but also a relaxing and supportive environment for anyone who walks in.


Image via Jor Barrie


Learn more about Write Blend Bookshop at their website here.


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Featured Image via Write Blend/Facebook