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Students Draw ‘World Cup Sticker Book’ to Raise Money for Cancer Charities!


                                                                     Image via BBC


A primary school in Somerset has launched its own version of the classic Panini World Cup sticker book. Interestingly, not only the pupils but the teachers joined in this process of book-making and all the 576 players in the official album have been drawn by pupils at the Flax Bourton Primary School.



 Image via North Somerset times

This “World Cup Sticker Book” moves me. Don’t get me wrong-I’m moved not because of the soccer players’ heroic images but for the beautiful flicker of love and care rendered by the “young authors.”



                                                  Image via Getty Images/Flax Bourton Primary School/BBC

This is not the most lovely thing so far-what makes me feel the love is that, the launch of the album aims to raise money online for two bowel cancer charities: the Bobby Moore Trust and Above & Beyond. The school came up with the idea after the village lost ‘two of its most vibrant members’ to bowel cancer last year.


                                                  Image via Getty Images/Flax Bourton Primary School/BBC

I’m certainly not the only one moved by the heartwarming portraits. Josh Brown, a parent at Flax Bourton Primary School, also reflected on the portraits.


“It’s a thing of beauty and we’re hoping it will find a welcome home,” Brown said.



To find out more about the Flaxini Sticker Book visit their school’s Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


Featured Image via Getty Images/Flax Bourton Primary School/BBC