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Creative Bookish Activities for World Art Day

Today is World Art Day and it’s time to get creative. Art Day, a celebration of the fine arts, promotes the awareness of creative activity worldwide (Wikipedia.) So, to celebrate this day and escape the boredom of quarantine, here are some book-related creative things you can do.

1.Book Spine Poetry 

Image via shilpaagarg

Line up the spines of your books so that they look like lines of poems. You can rearrange the book spines to make all sorts of different poems. This is a good possible way to spark creativity and continue writing real poetry. 


2. Typography  

image via etsy

We all have quotes from songs and books that we love, so why not use them as a basis for being creative? Get out your pens and paints to draw your favorite quotes!

3. Remake a cover of your favorite book 


image via joelandashleyillustration

Find your favorite book and make a new cover of it using your own individual artistry. You could make your own cover using your favorite scene of the book or draw how you imagined the characters.  

4. Art Journaling 

image via Hubpages

Open up your journal and start a collage, almost like a vision board. You can make anything your theme, from your favorite quote, aesthetic, or towards a certain goal you have. Be creative and find things around the house to chart your life.

5. Find a writing prompt on Pinterest and go crazy

image via free press journal

There are so many great writing prompts to inspire writing on Pinterest. These ideas really get your mind flowing but most importantly, get you writing. You can find prompts for creative writing, nonfiction writing, and even journaling about your life.

Whatever you do to be creative for this day, we hope it gives you a little bit of joy during these hard times. So grab your brushes, colored pencils, pens, and anything else you may need to celebrate World Art Day and get crackin’!

We would love to see what you create! Take a picture of what you make and tag us on Twitter and Instagram!

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