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This London-Based Potion Room is Where All The Wizards and Witches Hang Out

If you’re a fan of magical tea time accompanied with baked goods and a love of Harry Potter, then you’re in luck.


Cutter & Squidge, a London-based bakery and tea room is offering witches and wizards a magical experience with the Potion Room, a hosted event that adds charm to afternoon tea.



Source: Cutter & Squidge


For a ticketed price, the 2-and-a-half hour event invites customers to experience an exciting afternoon filled with mysterious fun with reportedly includes dressing as real wizards i.e. cloaks, waving wands, and stirring cauldrons. 


In the midst of alchemy, customers will be offered goodies from a diverse menu, including Galaxy Juice (made with passion fruit, hibiscus, and unicorn tear tea), butterscotch bisque, and pumpkin juice, as well as delicious foods.



Source: Cutter & Squidge


The Potion Room will open on May 3, 2018 and is sold at standard tickets priced at £49.50 ($68 USD) and VIP tickets priced at £79.50 (about $109).


For more information, check out their site at the link here.


Feature image courtesy of Cutter & Squidge.