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Here’s Why Carol Kane Thinks ‘The Princess Bride’ Should Never Be Remade

In case you haven’t noticed, the end of this decade seems to be dedicated to remaking movie classics! From The Lion King and The Jungle Book to Ghostbusters and Overboard, Hollywood has been putting a modern spin on the classic movies of our childhoods.


However, some movies shouldn’t be remade – at least Carol Kane, who stars alongside Billy Crystal, seems to think so. The Princess Bride is a novelty of its own and Carol Kane believes it should remain that way. In a recent interview with Page Sixthe famed actress said, “I don’t think a movie remake [would work] because I think it’s perfect,” and she believes that the film’s director, Rob Reiner, would think the same.


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The Princess Bride was originally published in 1973 by William Goldman – who also adapted the film’s screenplay. When the film was released in 1987, it wasn’t an immediate box-office smash (inconceivable!), but it has since become a cult classic that caters to anyone and everyone.


Goldman produced a script that not only captured the attention of children with its swash-buckling adventure story, but there was also some satirical humor sprinkled in for adults. The film is extremely memorable and contains an infinite amount of quotable lines that will always give you a chuckle.


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Even though Carol Kane’s character alone has about five minutes of screen time, her segment with Billy Crystal provides the funniest ad-libbed scene of all time and we can thank Rob Reiner for allowing them to improvise their scene together as the old couple that cures our hero, Westley.


In short, the film adaptation is perfect as it is, just as the original novel was. Goldman’s not-so-fairy tale will forever remain a cult classic and thus, the question is: should it be subject to Hollywood’s remake obsession?


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