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Amazon’s ‘Wheel of Time’ Series Fills ‘Game of Thrones’ Hole in Our Hearts

You don't have to look too far to see that fans have been craving another large-scale fantasy epic of magical proportions since the conclusion of HBO's adaptation of George R. R. Martin's, A Game of Thrones. And this time, it's Amazon that's stepping up to the plate with their upcoming adaptation of Robert Jordan's timeless epic fantasy, The Wheel of Time series.

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This Time It’s Rosamund Pike for ‘Wheel of Time’!

The Wheel of Time TV adaptation has finally found its lead in Rosamund Pike!


"The Wheel of Time"

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First published in 1990, James Oliver Rigney Jr’s epic fantasy series went on to span over the course of fourteen volumes, not including the prequel and the two companion books.

Fun Fact: After Jordan’s death in 2007, fellow Fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson was brought in to complete the final book based on Jordan’s extensive notes, but during the writing process it was decided that the book would be far too large to be published in one volume and would instead be published as three volumes, the final of which came out in 2013.



After the series was completed, it got a Hugo Award nomination, reports that the series sold over 80 million copies worldwide (making it one of the best selling epic fantasy series since The Lord of the Rings), and has since spawned an eponymous video game, roleplaying game, and soundtrack album.

So of course a TV adaptation is being made.

It’s been tough getting this horse off the ground. In fact, FXX infamously aired a pilot epsiode called ‘White Dragon’ based on the series prologue that starred Max Ryan and Billy Zane. It was so good that FXX decided to give it no publicity and air it on 1:30 a.m. to insure insomniacs like me ignored it while we read until the sun came up.




But the fires of hope were kindled when Last October 2nd, Amazon ordered the series with Sony as a co-producer. Thankfully, Variety is now reporting that, alas, the series this time has found its lead in Rosamund Pike.

Rosamund Pike

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Rosamund Pike, of Gone Girl and State of the Union fame who recently won a Golden Globe of her portrayal of Marie Colvin in A Private War, will play Moiraine.



The story starts off with Moiraine and her Warder Lan, who arrive in the village of Emond’s Field in order to find the Dragon Reborn, prophesied to either bring fire to the land or brighten its darkest days. Narrowing the Dragon Reborn down to three people, Moiraine opts to take all three youths away from the Two Rivers before they fall into the wrong hands.


Rafe Judkins

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In addition to staring in the project, Pike is set to produce. She’ll be working close with producer Rafe Judkins, whose previous credits include Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hemlock Grove.

Will you check out this series when it comes to TV screen in 2021?



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