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What if Keanu Reeves was Your Boyfriend? Like, for Real?

We’re all human, which means we’ve all thought about it. This will all be much simpler if we just admit that right off the bat. 

Keanu Reeves is a sensitive bad boy with a heart of gold and a killer bob, what’s not to love?

Marisa Polansky, author of several children’s books like Hello, my Name is… and Today I’m a Dancer, would argue that there’s nothing not to love. 

Entertainment Weekly unveiled the cover of Polansky’s forthcoming graphic novel If Keanu Were Your Boyfriend: The Man, The Myth, The WHOA!, along with several pages showcasing the content you can expect from this eye catching work (to be fair, anything with Keanu on the cover is pretty eye catching).


If Keanu were your Boyfriend CoverImage via Entertainment Weekly



The novel features Keanu themed artwork from several different artists, alongside some Keanu quotes, and passages written by Polansky. Mary Kate McDevitt and Jay Roeder, two artists both known for their lettering work, worked alongside tattoo artist Veronica Chen and muralist Dirty Bandits to bring the world of dating Keanu Reeves to life.

And according to the pages shown in Entertainment Weekly they’ve done a fantastic job!


Illustrations by Veronica Chen/Image via Entertainment Weekly


Illustrations by Mary Kate McDevitt/Image via Entertainment weekly


Illustrations By Jay Roeder/Image via Entertainment Weekly


Illustrations by Dirty Bandits/Image via Entertainment Weekly


If Keanu Were Your Boyfriend: The Man, The Myth, The WHOA! comes out on November 26th, though it is available for pre-order!




Featured image via WaterBalloon