3 Times Jacob Saves Bella in ‘New Moon’

Jacob saves Bella three times in New Moon. He physically saves her from bodily harm, and he mentally and emotionally remedies her heart's illness, at Edward's departure, by being present and so very in love with her. Since today is the eleventh anniversary of New Moon's movie release date, here is a list of the three ways in which Jacob Black saves Bella Swan in book two of the saga.

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Music Monday: Werewolves

Halloween of 2020 will show a blue moon, and the last time a blue moon occured on Halloween was during the Second World War. To celebrate this celestial phenomenon, we are talking about a literary creature that transforms at the sight of the full moon and who may be undergoing a transformation on the night of Halloween: the Werewolf.

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5 Books Featuring Werewolf Characters

Well, I made a list of books for vampires–I couldn’t just ignore the people who want stories with werewolves, now could I? After all, the Twilight Saga garnered a following for both groups of supernatural beings, and with Midnight Sun set for release in a manner of months, I needed to do my due diligence.

Here are five books featuring werewolf characters.


1. “Soulless”

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Gail Carriger has created a vision of Victorian London that is both steampunk and filled with vampires and werewolves (the two go together like orange juice and champagne, in the words of my mother). Soulless is the first book in the Parasol Protectorate series, and it follows Alexia Tarabotti, a woman without a soul who is also, by Victorian standards, a spinster. Due to the fact that she doesn’t have a soul, Alexia is able to negate the powers of the supernatural, which makes her a powerful presence in this tale when a vampire attacks her (and who she then kills with a hairpin and a parasol) and a vampire conspiracy comes out of the woodwork that involves vampires and werewolves. Alexia is enlisted by Lord Maccon, a werewolf and member of Scotland Yard’s police force, who was sent by Queen Victoria to look into the situation. Together, they will need to get to the bottom of this conspiracy and discover what is truly at play in the shadows.


2. “shiver”

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Maggie Stiefvater‘s The Wolves of Mercy Falls series is a human-werewolf romance that promises an intriguing read. Shiver introduces Grace and Sam. Grace has watched the wolves behind her house for years now, and there is one out of the pack that she feels has a distinct connection with. The wolf, Sam, is a wolf in the winter who must protect his pack, and in the few months of summer, he is a human like Grace. When Sam meets Grace in his human form, the their connection grows stronger, and as winter draws closer, Sam must fight against the inevitable shift that moves him between the world of humans and the world of wolves. If he can’t resist that pull, then he will lose his humanity and Grace in one swift blow.


3. “fool moon”

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Fool Moon is the second book in Jim Butcher‘s Dresden Files. Harry Dresden is a wizard private eye who specializes in all things paranormal. In this second installation in the series, business is looking bleak and none too profitable… it’s also nonexistent. Yet this mundane tone is shattered when a corpse is discovered with claw marks, and it also happens to be under the light of a full moon when the body is found. The search is on to find the werewolf responsible for this crime before another murder can take place… and it looks like Harry is on the case.


4. “mongrels”

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Stephen Graham Jone‘s book is a bit different from the other ones on this list, and that’s more than okay, because this story is definitely an intriguing one. Mongrels follows a family of outlaw werewolves who must hop from state to state, never staying in one place for too long. The boy who is the narrator, his aunt, and his uncle, travel the south together, hiding in the shadows and trying to avoid the wrath of a society that does not want them. However, the time is drawing near where the boy will learn if belongs on the road with his relatives, or if he can settle down into a relatively stable life. This story is grisly and bloody, but it is simultaneously funny and emotionally charged.


5. “were-geeks save wisconsin”

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Being the first book in Kathy Lyons‘s Were-Geeks Save the World series, Were-Geeks Saves Wisconsin promises a phenomenal read to incoming readers. Chemist Josh Collier was having the time of his life at a comic book convention when he discovers that he is a werewolf. He is carried off from the convention by Nero, another werewolf (who happens to be very, very handsome). Nero recruites Josh in hopes that the chemist can help him defeat the demon who wiped out his pack. While Josh analyzes the demon’s weapon, a romance begins to form between him and Nero.