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5 Fantasy Webtoons That You Should Read

Webtoons is definitely a website and app that I highly recommend to individuals who want to read on the go, but they also don’t want to carry around a book or a magazine. I recommend it even more highly for people who love manga and comic books, because it is extremely convenient to have web comics that one can access via a smart phone.

While one can find basically any genre on Webtoons, I have a tendency to lean towards the fantasy webtoons. Naturally, I encourage readers to explore the website itself and see what sort of stories appeal to them, but for a few good starting points, check out the list below.

Here are five fantasy webtoons that you should definitely read.

1. “Lore olympus”

image via webtoons

Lore Olympus, by Rachel Smythe, is by far, one of my favorite Webtoons currently being serialized. Please be warned that this particular series does deal with some pretty heavy topics, and one of those topics would be sexual violence. While the Olympians live in a more modern setting, the human realm has not yet modernized, so they remain in a more Hellenic setting.

This series follows Persephone, goddess of spring and the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. This is a very new take on the myth of how Persephone becomes the queen of the underworld, and so far, I am adoring the changes that are being made. Hades is now a suave business man who, unlike his two brothers, takes his work very seriously and cares about the souls in his care. Persephone is a young goddess who is rooming with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, and Persephone is a new college student on scholarship. What makes this rendition of Persephone so fascinating is how it pulls upon the pre-Hellenic interpretation of Persephone, where she isn’t just a spring goddess–she also has a much darker, much more dangerous side to her personality. We get to see the Greek gods interacting with one another, and some of these interactions are infuriating and heartbreaking. Regardless, this series continues to provide an impressive amount of intrigue.

2. “Siren’s lament”

Image via webtoons

Siren’s Lament, by instantmiso, follows Lyra, a young woman who runs a flower shop on the seashore. Lyra is in love with her best friend’s elder brother, but she is also too frightened to confess these feelings to said love interest. One night, while she is walking alongside the ocean, she sees a man who she thinks is drowning. What she finds, instead, is Ian, a siren who is trying to break his curse and become a human once again. Shenanigans ensue, and the two of them accidentally end up splitting the curse between the two of them, so now they must work together to completely break the curse while fighting against the nature of the curse–which is that it can’t be broken, but it can be transferred to another person. While that is the easier way to break the curse, Lyra doesn’t want to force another individual to exist as a siren. The soundtrack for this series is absolutely gorgeous, and it adds a particular ambiance to the story that I love.

3. “Muted”

image via webtoons

Muted, by Miranda Mundt, follows the young witch Camille Severin. Orphaned at a young age, Camille has lived with her cousin and domineering aunt from a young age. The story begins just before Camille’s twenty-first birthday, where she is expected to conjure up and form a pact with a demon. However, this demon is supposed to be a being already affiliated with the Severin family. So when Camille ends up summoning a different being, she panics and pretends to botch the ritual. This series discusses the silencing of one’s identity and the damage attached to this act, and one can see that through how Camille actively ignores part of her family lineage and how she is scared (and understandably so) into hiding away her sexual orientation from her aunt and her cousin. When given the space to embrace her identities though, Camille is also able to begin the healing process that, while living under her aunt’s crushing expectations, she couldn’t start. She redoes the summoning ritual, and in doing so, begins to accept herself for who she is.

4. “cursed Princess club”

image via webtoons

The Cursed Princess Club, by LambCat, is one of the most adorable and heartfelt series that I have ever come across. This series champions self-love, even when one is not conventionally beautiful. Gwendolyn is a princess of the Pastel kingdom. She has a loving family comprised of a father and three siblings who adore her for who she is as a person. That is… until the princes from the Plaid kingdom arrive. The three princes of the Plaid kingdom are arranged to marry the three princesses of the Pastel kingdom, and while Gwendolyn’s sisters connect with their respective fiances, Gwendolyn’s fiance is horrified by her appearance. Gwendolyn’s self-perception is completely altered by overhearing his opinion of her. Shortly after hearing this, Gwendolyn encounters the Cursed Princess Club, a group of princesses who all possess various curses. One princess turns into a magpie, another’s nose grows if she lies, and another was turned into a human–when once she was a gorgeous lobster. These princesses become Gwendolyn’s support group, and they encourage her to love herself for who she is.

5. “rise from the ashes”

image via webtoons

Rise From The Ashes by Madeleine Rosca presents itself as a series where the living and the dead have lived alongside one another for millenia now. This world is watched over by the Red Crows, an organization of mediums who can control the spirit world. However, change is soon about to rock the balance of this world, and spirits and humanity may soon find that their coexistence is about to be brutally altered. It is up to one ghost, content to haunt her house, to answer the call and prevent this change from taking place.

Featured image via Pinterest


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Seven Queer Web Comics for You and Your Significant Other

Like comics? Like queer stuff? Like awesome, beautiful, and well plotted stories? Here are some fantastic web comics featuring gay, lesbian, asexual, and trans characters. Weather you’re reading for the representation or because you just like good comics, jump in and enjoy.


1. Muted


Image via Webtoon


It’s your favorite girl gang, coming at you from the Louisiana swamp. We’ve got parties. We’ve got blood magic. We’ve got developing lesbianism. We’ve got cute animals. Powerful witch families play off each other in this lush, grounded fantasy.



2. The Croaking


Image via Webtoon


Oh my god, they’re roommates. They meet over the summer, and then find out on their first day of special agent academy that they’re roommates. Feuds, favoritism, and friendships, plus uneasy edging into trust. Not to miss.



3. Sylvania


Image via Webtoon


We’ve got witches again, but who’s mad? The Mars colony wants to start growing plants, so a team is recruited to get water and trees going. A family that thinks it would be crazy to leave the forest is actually… all pretty into the idea. Space witches!



4. Novae


Image via ComicsVerse


Do you love space? Do you love necromancy? The two meet in this story about a gay astronomy student and a gay ace necromancer. Gorgeously illustrated and gorgeously soft, this period piece is a must read for anyone who wants a feel-good story.


5. Dylan & Angeline


Image via PixZing


Dylan’s got a new name, a supportive family, and a new school, plus a cute new classmate. It’s adorable stuff, and aside from a bureaucratic mess up, there’s no fuss about him being trans. Plus he has an adorable baby sister, and the sibling dynamics are on point.



6. Facing the Sun


Image via Webtoon


This is a little more emo. Something bad happens, and the character’s mother makes a support robot for her that she gets quite attached to. The robot starts glitching, or maybe just evolving? Deeply interesting art and moody pacing make this an engrossing ride.



7. Lorem Ipsum

Image via Tapas


After knowing each other their whole lives, these two stop seeing each other in college. When the younger one graduates, he goes to stay with his ‘big brother’. Talk about the friend zone. But don’t worry, they’ll see sense.



Featured image BBC

3 Independent Web Comic Serials Worth the Wait

We’re living in a golden age of graphic novels, and serials give you your comic fix while also taking you back to the days when you had to wait a month between Full Metal Alchemist chapters. Dark times. There are plenty of great platforms for web comics nowadays, but here are a few that are doing it on their own.



1. Ava’s Demon

Image via Patreon


Sci-fi, ghosts, and a whole lot of fire – this comic has it all! Ava Ire, haunted by a malicious ghost all her life, lives on a boarding school planet for the god-emperor TITAN, until raiders attack and she’s forced to flee. When her escape goes wrong, she’s forced to make a pact with the very entity she’s been trying to resist all her life, but that’s just the beginning. Ava is a flawed character you’ll still adore, and the blend of science fiction and fantasy is seamlessly elegant. Plus the art is outrageously beautiful.




2. Vattu

Image via rice-boy.com


This is the story of Vattu, a small creature from a tribe of nomadic musicians, who are given to a colonizing empire as tribute. A servant in the palace, Vattu gets into more than she expects to when she stumbles across secret plots, cults, and strange magics. This is high fantasy at it’s best, original, high stakes, and immersive, in a world that’s not really like anything you’ve seen. The art is simple and evocative, and the plot steady and surprising.




3. Barbarous

Image via JohnnyWander


This urban fantasy centers around Persephone, a young woman who can’t control her magic. Considered a liability, she’s unemployed and couch surfing, until an attempted act of kindness and a chance encounter lead to a job that prizes her for her unruly magic and difficult personality. The world is sparse and believable, the art is stylized, and the color manages to convey urban blight without actually being monochrome. Persephone is instantly likable, and her world is seamlessly supernatural.



Featured image via Roblox