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Learning Code Is Magical With New Harry Potter Coding Kit

Spells like Wingardium Leviosa are among the first that young witches and wizards learn in the Harry Potter world.


But now, everyone can learn how to do it, fun, intellectual, nd still magical.


Kano released its new product-The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit-on Tuesday and claimed the era of “Coding Magic” is coming. With this STEM-related toy, kids can learn the basic coding skills, build their coding wands, and code the powerful spells like IncendioStupefy, and Wingardium Leviosa.


The kit is ready to go on sale in the US, UK and Australia on October 1. Good news:  The kit is available for preorder from Kano’s website, with the company’s motion-sensor kit provided as a preorder bonus.



If someday you heard a mail package mysteriously casted into your front porch, don’t hesitate, you are entering the Wizarding World via Kano’s new STEM kit!



Featured Image via Engadget