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Doctor Strange 2 In Its Final Week of Production!

This is not a drill people! Kevin Feige himself confirmed that Doctor Strange 2, ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ is in it’s final week of production. The long awaited sequel to ‘Doctor Strange’ (2016) will be released in March 2022, which is still a long way off, unfortunately.





The film will have everyone reprising their roles, which includes Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, Benedict Wong as Wong, Rachel McAdams and even Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo, who we haven’t since the end credit scene of the first ‘Doctor Strange’.


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The movie will also feature Elizabeth Olsen reprising her role as Wanda Maximoff presumably right after the end of her show, ‘WandaVision’.  We were left shook and gagged at the conclusion of the Disney + hit and now fully embracing herself as the Scarlett Witch, we have no idea how she comes across Strange again; whether she goes to him for magical studies help, or if he actually comes to her for help to stop Mordo, who could be the villain for the sequel is up in the air.  Will she start her journey to find her boys in the multiverse and will Strange be a friend or foe in her pursuit for her children?


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The sequel is also slated to introduce America Chavez into the MCEU. The young super hero will be played by Xochitl Gomez of Netflix’s ‘The Babysitters Club’. Let us know what you guys think! How excited are you to see Doctor Strange 2? And what do you think Wanda’s involvement in the movie look like?

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How George Lucas Wants to Come Back to Star Wars

Star Wars has had quite a strange ride leading into the new decade with a slew of films, TV shows, and games all coming out with varying quality.

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New ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Trailer Could Have Been Much Darker


Disney’s new movie, Raya and the Last Dragon, gains a new trailer and posters today. Set to release on March 5th in theaters and for premiere access Disney+ users, the movie centers on a girl named Raya and her misfit crew as the look for the last dragon to unite their world. Things become complicated as she finally finds the dragon only to learn that she is a misfit herself, and still, she and this crew must find a way to unite all the nations once and for all.

The new trailer surprised viewers as one of the main stars was a “con-baby,” a baby who comes up to Raya under the muse of being lost but is actually a con artist. The altercation that follows shows Raya and the baby showing off their skills and precision, as well as Raya potentially getting the baby to join her team to look for the dragon.



The team from the movie comes from many of the same producers and artists as Moana and Frozen, which is evident in the art style from the trailer. Although this movie features a highly anticipated upgrade to the animation, one that will show the various worlds and characters of all shapes and sizes.

One of the most surprising and exciting things about the movie, however, came from one of the film’s directors.

There was buzz for this trailer starting yesterday when The Disinsider shared that Raya, which is inspired loosely on the style of Jean Wick, has a cut that could have gotten an R rating. Director Carlos Lôpez Estrada is quoted saying,

“There may ha ve been some things that if we were to include would give s an R rating for violence. Just so you know. There is a cut of the movie with broken bones and stuff.”

Twitter took this in stride, with many wishing they could see this cut with a darker take on the typical Disney animation.

Regardless of if we get to see this other version or not, the new trailer has been blowing up on social media and hype for the movie is at an all time high. Will you be seeing this movie upon release March 5th? We sure will!

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‘WandaVision’ Episode 3 Explained

WOW!! Episode 3 of WandaVision dropped and popped all the way off. Were you shocked?... because I was.

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‘WandaVision’ Episode 1 and 2 Explained

The first two episodes of ‘WandaVision’ just hit Disney + and we’ve got some things to unpack! SPOILERS abound! You’ve been warned, so let’s get into it!




Episode 1: Episode 1

Girl, where you been?!

We are re-introduced to Wanda and Vision who are just happily married and have moved to a new town. Just like the promos showed it’s black and white and the couple appear to be in the fifties on a “I Love Lucy”, ‘Bewitched”-esque show, with a laugh track to boot. It’s quite silly and sweet as they settle in and we meet their neighbor named Agnes.



It turns out that today is a special day but neither of them remember why. Wanda thinks its their anniversary while at work for some company that does something, Vision realizes the boss and his wife are supposed to come over dinner. A misunderstanding ensues like all great sitcoms and dinner is a mess. As both pairs finally sit down to dinner, the boss’ wife, Mrs. Hart, ask the couple normal questions any “regular” couple should know. Where did they move from? When did they get married? Why don’t they have children?  Neither of them can answer anything.

Then Vision’s boss being to choke and no one does anything and just watches him choke and all his wife can do is to tell him to stop it, like she thinks he is joking around. It got real awkward then.




Vision eventually saves him by phasing his hand into him and getting the piece of food that was stuck in his throat. The couple then perks up and leaves. Wanda and Vision end the episode in front of the television, they pick out a song, Wanda makes them wedding rings, they smile and kiss, then roll credits.

So let’s discuss big reveals.



#1 Stark Industries is alive and well, honey!

In the middle of the episode while Vision is at his office, we see a short commercial for a Stark industries toaster. It’s quite fancy and will help your wife not burn your toast. (the commercials words, not mine). This tells us two things, again Stark industries is giving the home appliance sector a run for their money and it was clear that this commercial was supposed to mimic a commercial break while the show is on but these “commercials” seem a lot more important they let on but we’ll get to that in the next episode.


#2 Wanda and Vision are being watched and not just by us!

At the end of the episode, while the camera holds on Wanda and Vision in a loving a embrace, the camera pulls back out of a television screen into an office of some sort. Someone closes a notebook as if they had just finished writing. This tells us a lot! It doesn’t tell us where the two are exactly, but they are being monitored. By who? No idea. Maybe Sheild, Hydra or it could be the Time Variance Authority (TVA) who we learned about when discussing the ‘Loki’ Disney + show. The organization surveys the entire multiverse so it wouldn’t surprise me that they have a hand in keeping watch over Wanda and Vision in this predicament that they have found themselves in. And if the TVA are involved it will help make a connection between the shows and can even run a thread through the other Disney + exclusives.



Episode 2: Episode 2

For the Children

Episode two starts with a cartoon ‘Bewitched’ style opening title sequence. While in bed the couple here a clattering at the window and they are worried about what it could be, maybe some unsavory characters who had moved in but it turned out to be the tree outside of their bedroom window.  The main conflict of the show is that Wanda and Vision are going to be participating in the town’s talent show benefit for the local elementary school. For the children! They are doing, shocker, a magic act. While at home Wanda hears a noise outside and goes to check it out, in her hedges is a child’s toy, a red airplane. The problem with that, is that plane is red while everything is in black and white! Something is clearly wrong here!

Instead of dealing with that, she and Agnes have to go and meet the organizer of the event and the town’s resident PTA mother of the year, Dottie. While at her meeting, Wanda meets Geraldine, the grown up Monica Rambeau from ‘Captain Marvel’ and they hit it off.



Vision meets with some men from the neighborhood at the library for a neighborhood watch meeting. There he takes a chance to fit in and eats gum, he swallows it which then gums up in internal mechanics. Back with Wanda, she tries to make amends with Dottie but the music on the radio disrupts because someone is calling to Wanda through it. The seemingly male voice calls to her and asks who’s doing this to her. The radio blows up and the glass that Dottie was holding breaks, causing her to bleed. Again we see the color red.





So, Wanda is understandably freaked out, but they have to perform. With Vision going haywire, hijinks ensue as they finish their performance and actual win the comedy award. Back home they wrap up the episode on the couch like the first but Wanda stands up and suddenly she is pregnant?! The two are happy but they hear something outside. They go to see what’s up, and a person crawls out of the man hole on the street, in a bee keepers uniform. Wanda literally nopes the f*** out and the scene rewinds itself back to when they found out that they were expecting. They are happy again and suddenly everything gains color. Roll credits!

Let’s discuss the BIGGEST reveals!



#1 Wanda causally rewound time; No big deal!

Ummm…. what?! Wanda has some serious explaining to do! This tells us a lot! First, Wanda has control over this world, realm, reality, wherever they are! She’s extremely strong and one of the most powerful things we’ve seen her do before this was destroying the mind stone in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. All that said, her powers are still mostly a mystery where the movies are concerned and now she can rewind time?! If she can rewind and manipulate things, this proves that she has to be involved in creating this reality they are in, knowingly or unknowingly.


#2 Hydra has a watch company?!

We got another commercial this episode with the same male and female actors from the first one but this time they are promoting a watch. A Strucker watch to be precise, that has the Hydra symbol on the face of it. For those who forgot, Strucker was the evil scientist who had a major hand in developing Wanda’s abilities. If we are going with the theory that Wanda created this place for herself and Vision, then maybe these commercials are mad up as well? Since she knows Stark and Hydra they could just be fun and interesting easter eggs but something tells me they might not be.



#3 Is Vision really a man?

Wanda is pregnant. But can Vision, from a biological stand point, give Wanda children? He was once Jarvis, Tony’s AI in most of the movies and then in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, Tony created a body for him using the mind stone. So he’s not exactly human right? But again if we are going with this theory that this is all Wanda’s creation maybe her being pregnant is something she had always wanted with Vision whom she loves very much. Which also explains the marriage, the idyllic little suburb, trying to fit in. She wanted a place where she and Vision can be together without the threat of the world ending but that was shattered because of Thanos who destroyed Vision.


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That’s the first two episodes of ‘WandaVision’ down. My theory as you can tell is that a lot of this is in Wanda’s head. She used her powers to escape in a way. We have no idea how she coped after the last big battle with Thanos and Tony’s funeral. But we’ll see how the season unfolds.

Check this awesome article by my girl Stacey, to help breakdown what is up with Wanda.

‘WandaVision:’ Marvel’s Exploration of Grief

Make sure to tell me what you thought. And share your theories!

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