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Dancing Hermione

This Hermione Cosplayer’s Dance Move Have Gone Viral

This past weekend, YouTuber Connie Glynn took a video of her friend Kelsey Ellison cosplaying as Hermione Granger and dancing to a Super Mario remix at MCM London Comic Con. Except that dancing is not quite the right term. Absolutely slaying it is more accurate. Just watch:



And you can always count on the internet to meme-ify almost anything, especially anything fandom-related. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Ellison said, “Some of the Harry Potter-related quotes people have come up with are hilarious.”







Wait, it gets even better.


Following the internet losing its mind and, of course, demanding more, Ellison tweeted a new video of Hermione dancing earlier today.



So here’s my sincerest congratulations to Kelsey “Dancing Hermione” Ellison for winning the Internet. And thank you for vastly improving my morning.


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John Green

John Green Reveals His Personal Struggles With OCD in Youtube Video

John Green is often recognized as the author of popular young adult literary works such as “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns,” which have both received film adaptations. He is also known as a contributor to Vlogbrothers, a YouTube channel that produces random, insightful, and entertaining videos to a following of over three million Youtubers.


Although Green uses a light and humorous tone in many of his videos, he uploaded a more serious one two days ago with “What OCD Is Like (For Me).”



In his incredibly vulnerable video, Green goes in depth about his own experience struggling with OCD, describing “obsessive thought spirals” that hinder his focus and thought patterns. 


For me, these obsessive thought spirals happen all the time and they can take over for says or weeks or months. Like, I might worry out of nowhere that my food is contaminated or somehow poisoned and then, suddenly, that will be the only thought I am able to think.


John Green

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These obsessive thoughts become overwhelming to the point where Green cannot focus on activities such as watching a television episode or reading a book. Comparing the intrusion to the plot of a horror film, Green emphasizes the obsessive fear and lack of control over his thoughts he experiences. “When I’m stuck inside a thought spiral,” he says, “I find it very difficult to observe, like, anything outside of myself.”


Though his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder brings many challenges, Green has found a silver lining, using his personal experiences as inspiration for his new novel, “Turtles All the Way Down.” By portraying his struggle through the characterization of the story’s protagonist, Green both finds a way to persevere through his OCD, and allow readers to get an understanding of those affected by OCD.


Cover of "Turtles All the Way Down"

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“Turtles All the Way Down” will be published on October 10, 2017.


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Watch an Amazing Paper Hogwarts be Born in This Stop-Motion Video

The Harry Potter universe has a little bit of everything: books, movies, a stage play, and even Matilda crossover fan fiction. Now, thanks to the team at unPOP, it also has this awesome stop-motion paper construction video.

The filmmakers used stop motion animation to create the illusion that the Hogwarts itself was magically rising from the pages of the books. It’s a really well done short film – check it out below!

If that looks like it took a long time to put together, it’s because it did. According to the filmmaker, this one minute of animation took nearly a month to make! The unPOP team had to build the props for the bedroom set and then carefully craft the entire Hogwarts castle out of paper. They used nothing but pages from the third Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Maybe J.K. Rowling will have something to say about this on Twitter? We’ll be keeping an eye out!


Stephen L., Staff Writer


The Internet Can’t Get Enough of this Taylor Swift-Harry Potter Mash-Up

The Harry Potter franchise has spawned spin-offs, movies, an illustrated edition, and even a play. But until now, it never had a Hogwarts/Taylor Swift mash-up video.

That hole in our hearts has finally been filled by “Taylor Swift & Harry Potter Parody Mashup,” a video posted on Youtube this month by user weasleysweaters. With melodies lifted from Taylor Swift’s mega-hits and lyrics that are filled with references to the Harry Potter series, the video has become a viral sensation. It has also become our new favorite thing on the Internet. Check it out:

The video is the creation of a Los Angeles-based “Harry Potter Superfan” named Kate Parkin. Parkin makes her living as an actress, and her showmanship is clear in the video. She comes armed with costumes, props, and an arsenal of Harry Potter references that fit seamlessly into Taylor Swift’s original melodies.

This isn’t the first time that Parkin has made a Harry Potter parody video. She’s produced several others, including “Do You Wanna Build a Horcrux?” (to the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman,” from Disney’s Frozen). You can check out all of Parkin’s Harry Potter mashups on her YouTube page.