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Did You Notice This ‘Little Women’ Blunder?

The tale of on-screen modernity in a period setting is age-old. We all remember the infamous coffee cup in Game of Thrones, right? No matter how many times we see it, it never loses entertainment value, and Little Women became the next victim of an editing oversight and eagle-eyed viewers. 

One such viewer (and fan), Madelyn Rancourt, took to Vine-reminiscent platform TikTok to show her findings. Her video, reaching 20.7k likes since its upload, highlights the Hydroflask that rests on a surface behind Timothée Chalamet’s Laurie. 


@madelynrancourtanyone else notice this? ##fyp ##foryou ##littlewomen ##hydroflask ##timothéechalamet♬ Little Women – Alexandre Desplat

Madelyn’s eye was matched with that of many twitter users, who have been sharing the viral stills, with hilarious comments, of course. 


Sony Pictures has not commented on the screen slip-up, but beyond “oops” what could they really say? I was not left wanting for entertainment after seeing Little Women *ahem* twice, but it really is the gift that keeps on giving. 

feature image via dailydot

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Prof. Alexander Holds Baby

Professor Holds Student’s Baby During Class, Goes Viral

A math professor at Morehouse College in Georgia has gone viral for holding a student’s baby during his lecture!

The baby’s father, Wayne Hayer, couldn’t find anyone to watch baby Assata. Since he had class, he faced a choice: stay at home to watch the baby or head to class and further his education.

Hayer explained these circumstances to his professor, Nathan Alexander, who shockingly offered to carry Assata for the entire duration of the class. Alexander wanted his student to be able to “take good notes,” so he volunteered to take her off her father’s hands despite his fears that she would “start crying” during the lesson, according Buzzfeed News.


Professor Alexander



Professor Alexander’s fears were put to rest when Assata turned out to be the perfect student! Alexander reported that, in a surprise turn of events, the arrangement went “perfectly” as the young learner was “extremely well behaved.”

I’m not sure about y’all, but when I first heard about this story, I expected it to be about a mother who brought her child to class—it’s awesome that Assata’s father takes an active role in her childcare!


Baby Assata
                                                                          Assata, her mother, and her grandmother


The baby’s mother, Firda Amalia Hayer, wrote on Facebook:

Seeing the outpouring of support from friends, family, and strangers for Assata and Wayne is a sight to behold. I can feel the genuine love and enthusiasm. We never asked for attention; all that I’ve personally asked for is authenticity in your love and support. We are new parents. Wayne works two jobs and is a full-time student. He’s rarely at home because he’s out there providing for us…

Morehouse College (where Assata has begun her higher education earlier than most) is an all-male, historically black liberal arts college. One of its most famous alumni is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!


Adorable ‘Wonky Donkey’ Book Made Famous by Laughing Granny Video!

The Wonky Donkey, a children’s book and song written by New Zealander Craig Smith, is being put center stage after a viral video of a Scottish grandmother reading it to her grandchild goes viral. The endearing tale of donkey gets weirder and weirder as one reads along which as the video has suggest causes a huge number of giggles and laughter.


Via Event Finda

Image Via Event Finda


The cute viral video has caused an increase of interest in The Wonky Donkey causing the publisher to increase production of more than 50,000 copies. I’m sure every parent will want to purchase this cute children’s book for themselves, so they may share in the laughter and glee that is The Wonkey Donkey. Check out this adorable viral video below:






Featured Image Via eventfinda.co.nz

disgusted cat

‘Cat Person’ Author Kristen Roupenian Lands Paw-some Five Figure Book Deal

It’s not every day that a work of fiction goes viral. In fact, it hardly ever happens. But when Kristen Roupenian’s short story “Cat Person” appeared in The New Yorker last week, it struck a chord and became one of the most-read pieces this year. 


Inspired by an experience of Roupenian’s own, the story follows a college student, Margot, who has uncomfortable and unpleasant sex with an older man who continues to text her after their encounter. The story has appealed to countless people, and has been described, in its depiction of unwanted, though consensual sex, as ‘excruciating.’ That is true. It is excruciating. And painfully honest and also very, very funny. I would suggest listening to Roupenian’s reading of it on The New Yorker website. I did, as I was writing this article, and snorted audibly several times out of amusement, empathy, and downright disgust. It’s really very good. 


Image Via The New York Times

Kristen Roupenian | Image Via The New York Times 


Kristen Roupenian’s debut book will be a short story collection entitled You Know You Want This, and will be published by Jonathan Cape, with whom she has signed a five figure deal. 


Michal Shavat, Jonathan Cape’s publishing director, told The Bookseller


This book marks the arrival of a remarkable new talent. The cultural discourse that has revolved around ‘Cat Person’ has been astonishing, a talking point around the globe. But it’s in the writing that the really interesting thing is happening. This is going to be a major publishing event in the coming year and we’re hugely excited and proud to be launching this phenomenal new voice.


Roupenian is a Zell Fellow at the University of Michigan. According to The Bookseller, last year she won the Grand Prize at the Eleventh Annual Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards.


Featured Image Via The Daily Snug