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Cyberpunk 2077 Getting Tie-In Book!




One of the most anticipated video games of 2020 is Cyberpunk 2077. Set in a future dystopian city in California, you take control of a mercenary as you fight of vicious gangs and corrupt corporations using a host of cybernetic implants to enhance your fighting abilities. After making waves last month by announcing Keanu Reeves’ involvement in the games, a new tie-in book will help shed some light on this new game.


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The World Of Cyberpunk 2077 is a 200-page book that will detail all of the lore that ties into the upcoming game. Described as a “tome” by writer Marcin Batylda, it will feature several different characters set to appear in the game as well as give insight on the game’s fictional setting, Night City.


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There is no set release date for the book , but it is most likely going to be released by the end of the year. The game comes out April 2020. Both the book and the game are available for pre-order now.


You can watch the cinematic trailer for the game featuring Keanu Reeves here:





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‘Harry Potter’ Prequel Series Coming to Television!

Starved for more Harry Potter content? Well look no further, Potterheads, as exciting news as been unveiled today! According to Book Riot, Warner Brothers is in the very early stages of developing a Harry Potter prequel series for TV. The series will be attached to Warner Brothers’ upcoming streaming service. The series will occur mostly at Hogwarts, according to the press release, as well as occasional visits to other parts of Europe. While the Harry Potter franchise is already packed to the brim with novels, video games, board games, movies, comics, and Broadway plays, we can’t help but be excited for this latest addition to the ever popular young adult fantasy series!


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More news has been released, including that the show will center around new characters (although if it’s at Hogwarts we can bet you’ll see cameos of fan favorites like various professors and administrative presences in the Wizarding World). However, being in the early stages of development, the plot, the premise, and even the characters themselves haven’t been announced yet for obvious reasons. But we can always speculate about WHAT will happen in this prequel series.



Here are a few premises we’d love to see in the show:

+ A show about a new batch of students dealing with the ins and outs of daily life at Hogwarts with no overarching main villain. One of the greatest strengths of Harry Potter was its relatability for young people about the hardships of growing up and schoolwork. No need to thrust Voldemort 2.0 in there, fretting about O.W.L.S. is drama enough.

+ A flipped premise, showcasing the POV of the teachers instead of the students and pulling back the curtain to give us a behind the scenes of Hogwarts.

+ An anthology series, showing different stories about Hogwarts, with a different premise and storyline every week. One week you’d have a student, one week you’d have a teacher, maybe the following week someone gets lost in the Forbidden Forest, and maybe one week it could center around some of the ghosts that haunt the school!


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What premises would you personally like to see in this show? Are you excited to see a Harry Potter television series? Let us know in the comments! And keep an ear peeled for further news, we’ll let you know when we hear anything more!



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Video Game Book ‘Masters Of Doom’ Coming to USA From Franco Brothers

The video game franchise Doom is one of the most popular and influential series in gaming history, helping pioneer what is known today as the first-person shooter. It has the player fight demons from Hell on the planet Mars as a space marine, and showed off some of the earliest versions of 3-D graphics. The story of its creation will now be the subject of a television series, courtesy of James and Dave Franco.


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Ordered by USA Network, Masters Of Doom is based on the nonfiction book of the same name by David Kushner, It follows John Carmack and John Romero, the co-founders of game developer id Software, as they set out to make Doom. Though they initially work well together, the success of the game leads to conflicts between the two and an eventual separation.


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The Franco Brothers will be executive producers on the show, which will be written by Tom Bissell, the co-writer of The Disaster Artist, the story of the making of the famously bad movie The Room that was adapted into an Oscar nominated film starring James and Tommy Wiseau and Dave as Greg Sestero. Bissell has also written for other video game franchises such as Gears of War and Uncharted.


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Should the series get renewed, USA hopes to position it as an anthology series, having each season focusing on a different point in gaming history.


Any Doom fans here excited for this new show?




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‘Dark Crystal’ Video Game Promises New Adventure Fans Will Love

Nintendo is creating a new immersive adventure into the fantasy world of Thra. The game appears fun, thought-provoking, and may give more insight into the upcoming Netflix prequel to the beloved Dark Crystal.

Earlier this week Nintendo announced one of their upcoming video games, The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Tactics for the Nintendo Switch console. The game takes place in the fantasy realm of Thra from Jim Henson’s 1982 fantasy adventure The Dark Crystal, and is supposedly tied to the upcoming Netflix prequel The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance.


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It’s a question of how closely tied to the Netflix prequel’s plot the game will be, but according to Nintendo’s description of the game’s official trailer, “fans will have an opportunity to…[play] through–and going beyond–the events of the series” and there will be “never-seen-before playable characters, stories, and environments”. Sounds like there’s more to expect and explore through this game.

Even if the game doesn’t provide too much toward the new and highly anticipated series, it looks like it could be a lot of fun to play.

Here is the official trailer for the Nintendo Switch game:




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Viz Media Launches Imprint to Publish Manga-Inspired Graphic Novels

Viz Media, North American manga publisher who distributes famous works such as My Hero Academia, Pokemon, Tokyo Ghouland Dragon Ball: Super has announced they will be creating Viz Originals! Viz Originals will be a new imprint that will publish original graphic novels by artists, with massive inspiration from manga and anime. The imprint will be doing a “soft launch” of the imprint by 2020, which artists already lined up to produce the imprint’s initial stories.


A banner featuring Dragon Ball Super's cast, including Goku, Vegeta, and numerous Gods

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The new imprint will offer multi-volume releases, as well as single volume releases. The imprint expects to feature young manga artists producing original content as their primary brand, as well as adaptations of video games and novels in manga format. Viz Originals will aim to create a work environment where creativity for its young artists are encouraged—allowing them to spread their creative wings and be given the support they otherwise wouldn’t have in the industry. The works will be creator-owned, first and foremost.


We look forward to seeing what original graphic novels Viz Originals produce! 2020 can’t come fast enough!


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