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Elliot Page will continue on Umbrella Academy as Vanya

Elliot Page is now embracing his true self. The star of the hit 2007 film, Juno, has shared his new identity this week. Fans of the star were welcoming of the change and other celebrities were quick to congratulate him as well. Although, fans of the Netflix show, Umbrella Academy, were unsure of what this meant for his role on the show. However, Page is going to continue playing the role as he originally played it.


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Umbrella Academy, is a series about adopted siblings, who just happen to be superheroes. They work together to avenge their fathers death. Page, portrays Vanya, who has the power to unleash force through sound. Vanya is also a cisgender woman. According to Page’s social media message he identifies as a gender non binary transgender. Due to this, a lot of fans are saying the role of Vanya should be recasted with an actual cisgender woman. GLAAD, which is an LBGTQ advocacy group, told Variety that Page shouldn’t be recasted and his brilliance on screen will continue.
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There isn’t a reason to recast the role, that part belongs to Page. Netflix is even changing all of the credits to Elliot Page, and the IMDB page for him already updated on Tuesday. With the third season renewed, there is no need to change Vanya, Page is the perfect person for that role and her identity shouldn’t change that. As an actor, it should come down to talent and being right for the role, and nothing else. Page is going to continue being excellent in this role.
You can stream the first two seasons of Umbrella Academy  right here.
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