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SNL Veteran Vanessa Bayer Writes Book to Comfort Sick Kids

Comedian and Saturday Night Live veteran Vanessa Bayer is known for turning any situation into a funny moment. But some things aren’t as funny, such as being diagnosed with a serious illness.

This is something Bayer had to deal with when she was fifteen after being diagnosed with leukaemia. Living with this was hard for her, but she found comfort in her friends and family, which helped her develop the sense of humor she has now.

This experience is detailed in Bayer’s new children’s book How Do You Care For A Very Sick Bear, illustrated by Rosie Butcher. The book is about two bears who are best friends. When one of them gets very sick, the other gather a support group of family and friends to help. The sick bear learns to appreciate his support group but also lets them know that he does like to be alone at times.


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When writing the book, Bayer hoped to inspire other children to be there for those who are sick and need support:


“When I was sick I couldn’t go to school but, luckily, I had a wonderful group of friends who rallied around me. They told me all the school gossip and all the things going on that seem very important when you’re in ninth grade… Then, when I felt healthy enough to go to things, they would include me and when I couldn’t, they made me feel like I was still a part of things. There’s nothing like that human connection.”


How Do You Care For A Very Sick Bear is available now.



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