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3 Times Jacob Saves Bella in ‘New Moon’

Jacob saves Bella three times in New Moon. He physically saves her from bodily harm, and he mentally and emotionally remedies her heart's illness, at Edward's departure, by being present and so very in love with her. Since today is the eleventh anniversary of New Moon's movie release date, here is a list of the three ways in which Jacob Black saves Bella Swan in book two of the saga.

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10 Funny Fan Stories For Twilight’s Anniversary

With one of the greatest followings in literary and cinematic history, we celebrate Twilight's anniversary by looking at some of the most relatable, funniest, and most cringe-worthy fan stories! Read on for some quality nostalgia and a bit of a good laugh.

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5 Fantasy Books Featuring Vampire Characters

Well, with Midnight Sun coming out this year, this list should help tide people over for the time being.

To even start describing how vampires have influenced our literary landscape would be… difficult. Honestly, it would be a book (or book series) in and of itself to even try to describe that history. Suffice it to say that vampire lore has inspired us… a lot.

Below is a combination of stories featuring vampires that spans across genres–a splash of romance, some historically inspired tales, and most definitely a thriller or two. Here are five books featuring vampires.

1. “Interview with the vampire”

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I had to start with a classic. Anne Rice‘s Interview With the Vampire is told in the form of an interview that a reporter has with Louie, the vampire of this story. Louie is made immortal by Lestat–the vampire that becomes one of the most prominent characters in the Vampire Chronicles. This book portrays Louie as he battles with his morality and his new vampiric nature. Ultimately, this is a tale about how the main character seeks out a place to call home. Is that among other vampires? Is that alone? Is it with Lestat?

2. “a discovery of witches”

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Did I mention that this one is getting a film adaptation? It is. I am ready. A Discovery of Witches is the first book in Deborah Harkness‘s All Souls series. We follow Diana Bishop, a scholar who has descended from a line of witches yet wishes to distance herself from her heritage. When she discovers an old manuscript in her studies, Diana dismisses it after not much thought… but it is this very manuscript that draws the attention of witches, vampires, and daemons. That manuscript? It was a bit more important than she originally thought. She teams up with Matthew, a vampire who has been searching for the document for over a century now. Matthew decides that he is responsible for protecting Diana, and a romance begins to grow between them.

3. “The Coldest girl in coldtown”

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Holly Black‘s books keep showing up in my listicles, and I am not bothered by this realization. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown follows Tana, a young girl who exists in a world where monsters and humans are quarantined in places called coldtowns. When Tana wakes up one morning surrounded by corpses, she realizes that something is horribly amiss. Her ex-boyfriend and a mysterious young man are there as well, and Tana must fight to save the three of them.

4. “Marked”

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This is the first book in P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast‘s House of Night series. Marked follows Zoey Redbird, a woman who has been marked by a vampire tracker with a crescent moon on her forehead. She soon learns that she has also been marked by the goddess Nyx, and she possesses a particular understanding of all five elements. However, she soon learns that there are other individuals about her who are abusing their gifts, and she must move to work against them to save herself.

5. “blue bloods”

Blue Bloods
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This book is a little different from the rest in this list. Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz is about the folk who crossed the ocean in the Mayflower. Instead of being the pilgrims we are familiar with though, these ocean-borne travelers are vampires who rise in power and status in the new world. While these immortals planned on keeping this secret, when a student from a private school in New York finds out their secret, she finds out that she is in danger. Up until that point Schuyler was content to wear baggy clothes and remain the longer; however, this only lasts up until a girl in her school is found dead and drained of her blood. If Schuyler chooses to continue to pursue the secrets of these Blue Bloods, she will find that she is thrown into danger at every turn.

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