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Literary Valentine's Day Cards

These Literary Valentine’s Day Cards Will Warm Any Bookworm’s Heart

Ah yes, the only thing I love more than 75% off post-Valentine’s Day candy are the adorably funny cards that come with them. Gone are the days when you’d sit in your fourth grade classroom and everyone would hand out little pink cards with Scooby-Doo on them. I miss those days actually, but celebrating now is still pretty fun.
My friend and I have a long-running joke where we send each other at least five obnoxious Valentine’s Day e-cards each year. The cheesier and more inappropriate, the better. This year, if you’re going to spend money on something for your love (or hilarious best friend), you might as well buy something that they could hold onto for a while. Since flowers wither and chocolates can be inhaled within seconds, they need something tangible. And what better way to express yourself (and your humor) through words and images than with the help of legendary authors? Here are some seriously bitching literary Valentine’s Day cards all courtesy of Etsy:


1. The Charles Dickens Quote Card


Charles Dickens Card


2. The Book Check Out Card


Book Check Out Card


3. Beautiful Wuthering Heights Soulmate Card


'Wuthering Heights'


4. One Wilde Valentine Card


Oscar Wilde Card


5. Try This Mischief Managed Card


Harry Potter Card


6. A Beautiful Whitman Quote


Whitman Quotes


7. Here’s a Witty Sherlock Holmes Card


Sherlock Holmes


8. ‘I Love You More Than’ Valentine’s Day Card


Old Books Card


9. This Gollum Card Is Precious


Gollum card


10. Adorable Niffler Card and Picture 


Niffler Valentine


11. Something For Your Favorite Protagonist


Protagonist Card


12. For Your Risqué Daenerys Targaryen Valentine


'Game of Thrones' Card


12. ‘I Hodor You’


Hodor Card


13. Bewitched Mr. Darcy Quote Card


Mr. Darcy Quote


14. For Your Dumbledore Valentine


Dumbledore Valentine



Feature Image Via Diane Again


8 Romantic Reads to Woo Your Boo on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single or taken, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make a date with a new book. Pick up a bottle of your favorite wine and settle in for a romantic night with one of these swoon-worthy book picks. 


1. Things to Do When It’s Raining by Marissa Stapley


Things to Do When It's Raining


When Mae Summers’ perfect world falls apart, she has no choice but to move back home to her small tourist town in upstate New York. Trying her best to settle into her new surroundings, she’s confronted by damaging family secrets and her first love, Gabe, who has some healing of his own to do. If Mae wants to save her family and find a new beginning with Gabe, she has to find a way to reconcile a lifetime’s worth of secrets. A story of family and finding love, Things to Do When It’s Raining is the perfect read for those who can’t get enough of This Is Us.  


2. This Love Story Will Self-Destruct by Leslie Cohen


This Love Story Will Self-Destruct


It may not have been love at first sight for Eve and Ben, but in Leslie Cohen’s newest novel, this unlikely pair finds their way to love in unconventional ways. A story of what ifs, fate brings Eve and Ben together time and time again until they realize the true depth of their connection. Going through all the difficulties and uncertainties of life in your 20s, the two find that they can only be certain of each other and embark on a relationship that forever changes their lives. For fans of When Harry Met Sally, this novel will awaken your inner hopeless romantic.   


3. Match Made in Manhattan by Amanda Stauffer


Match Made in Manhattan


In Amanda Stauffer’s debut novel, newly-single Alison trusts in the powers of a dating app to find her next great love story. After a series of nightmarish dates, Alison begins to think that there may not be a perfect match for her after all—and then she meets Luke. Finally letting her walls down around the charismatic man, Alison finds herself falling hard but she can’t be sure of the kind of future he wants with her. Match Made in Manhattan is the perfect read for anyone who finds themselves searching for their soulmate, one swipe at a time.   


4. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory


The Wedding Date


In this debut release, two strangers will find love in the form of a last-minute wedding date. After a fateful meeting on an elevator, independent career girl Alexa agrees to be Drew’s “plus one” to his ex’s wedding and much to their surprise, they hit it off. Having found a real connection, the two begin a long distance relationship, but with both of their high power jobs on the line, they’ll have to decide if their feelings for one another are worth uprooting their lives. The Wedding Date is a story about all the things that can go right when you open yourself up to love.    


5. Dreaming in Chocolate by Susan Bishop Crispell


Dreaming in Chocolate book cover


Penelope Dalton and her daughter Ella have always been close but in Dreaming in Chocolate, Penelope will find herself struggling with a secret she thought she could keep forever. With only six months left to live, all Ella wants from her mother is a father. While Penelope contemplates this request, Ella’s biological father arrives in town, and as the young girl begins to take a liking to him, her mother has to decide whether or not to tell them the truth about their connection. This heartwarming read about the power of love and family will have you swooning this Valentine’s Day.  


6. Tempest by Beverly Jenkins




For fans of western love stories, Tempest is the book you’ll want to add to your TBR pile. Colton Lee is still grieving the death of his wife when he requests a mail-order bride to help take care of his daughter. When fierce, gunslinging Regan Carmichael shows up at Colton’s doorstep, he begins to second guess his decision but as he gets to know her, the two realize they may be just what each other needs. With dangerous enemies and a disapproving family testing their relationship at every turn, the two will fight to keep the new love they have found.   


7. All We Knew by Jamie Beck


All We Knew book cover


Hunter Cabot is sure about two things: he loves his wife and he’ll do anything to keep the family business thriving. But when the young couple learn about their inability to have children and Hunter’s career faces a new threat, the unexpected chaos will take a major toll on their relationship. Can Hunter be both the businessman he wants to be and the supportive husband his wife needs him to be? All We Knew gives readers an inside look at the everyday struggles and successes of a couple who must find their way back to each other. 


8. How to Stop Time by Matt Haig


How to Stop Time book cover Matt Haig


Tom Hazard has always known the dangers involved with finding love but in How to Stop Time, he’ll finally find a woman that’s worth risking it all for. Tom has lived for centuries due to a rare condition and is protected by an organization who live by one rule: no romance. As Tom settles down and takes up life as a high school history teacher, he finds that staying away from the school’s French teacher is harder than he thinks. Tom puts everything on the line for love in this romantic time travel novel.


All Images Via BookSparks


Feature Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Walking on beach alone by self by yourself on Valetine's Day single

6 Valentine’s Day Activities for You Single Bookworms out There

Look, it’s been a rough year for everybody and I know not all of you bookworms will be spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone. Because there is no special someone for you. You’re alone. Might as well own up to it.


But the good thing about being alone is you can do things without other people’s’ approval. Here are several ideas for a single bookworm’s perfect V-Day…or let’s call it Me-Day (he wrote sincerely, unironically, to his deepest shame).


1. Couple’s massage


Couple's Massage

Image Via Groupon


Whether you admit it or not, you probably need a good massage. And everybody knows the best way to do it is to get a classic couple’s massage. You’ve heard good things. But just because you have nobody to spend Valentine’s Day with doesn’t mean you can’t experience a couple’s massage. Just bring a mannequin or something.


2. Ice skating


Ice skating

Image Via Sugar Mountain Resort


There’s nothing a bookworm likes more than lightly gliding across lovely words. Due to this, they may also enjoy ice skating. There’s nothing quite like gently dancing across an icy surface on ice skates. It’s elegant, relaxing, and, yes, romantic. So strap on those skates and hit the rink. By yourself.


3. Go to the movies


Movie theater

Image Via Shutterstock


There’s something so wonderfully communal about watching a moving picture in a crowded room. Those images flashing by your eyes flash also by strangers’ eyes. A large crowd of strangers, none of whom you know. None of whom you’ve spoken to, let alone looked into their eyes. Or held their hands. Going to the movie theater by yourself may be the ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day. After all, the best thing to do after watching a thought-provoking movie is to not have anybody to talk to about it. Just keep your thoughts to yourself, bookworm.


4. Go to a nice restaurant


Dinner by yourself

Image Via Linkedin


Table for two, please! No, I’m not expecting someone. Is that okay with you? What’s your name? Okay, that’s okay, I’m sorry, I wasn’t hitting on you. Okay, that’s okay. Jeez.


5. Take yourself out to a fancy bar for after-dinner drinks


girl at bar

Image Via iStock


Mmm nothing like a nice White Russian to wash down the taste of eating a delicious dinner by oneself. And the best thing about going to a fancy bar by yourself is you can just enjoy the alcohol without talking to anybody. Nobody actually likes going to bars to talk to people. That’s not what they’re there for. They’re there for drinking.


6. Take yourself back to your room


The Vita Lounge

Image Via The Vita Lounge


Ah, yes. The day is done. It was elegant, relaxing, and, yes, even romantic. Now there’s only one thing left to do on your special Me-Day. You go into your bedroom. You hit the lights. You slip under the sheets.


Then you turn on your bedside lamp and take out your freakin’ book. Just, you know what, just read on Valentine’s Day. Okay? Just read a book and and and don’t do any of my other suggestions. In hindsight, they’re just a little sad.


Feature Photo by Genevieve Dallaire on Unsplash

Liz Bushong

Try This Simple Valentine’s Dessert That’s as Sweet as Any Love Letter

Valentine’s Day is next week, guys, so I’m sure you want to do something for your sweet cherry pie. And if they’re nowhere to be found, it ain’t against the law to celebrate by yourself while listening to Warrant’s cheesy 1990 rock hit. That’s where this adorable literary dessert comes in, because cherry pie is as classic as a love letter.


Cook and entertainer Liz Bushong created the perfect recipe for those who want to whip up something cute this Valentine’s Day. Her website gives you all the visuals and instructions to make Cherry Pie Love Letters. Look at this!


Cherry Pie Love Letter

 Image Via Liz Bushong


Who needs Russel Stover chocolates when you can have that beaut? Once you have the cherry pie filling, pie crust, and sparkling sugar crystals, you’re pretty much set. Bushong recommends having an actual envelope nearby to use as a guide to make your confection as indistinguishable from the real thing as possible.


Also if you’re not a cherry fan, apple is a good substitute, although the red does look quite festive. It seems like love letters are a thing of the past nowadays, so this idea has an extra bit of charm. If I can’t get a written letter I should at least be able to get an edible one.




Check out her website and recipe here if you want to give your Valentine a love letter sealed with a (cherry) kiss. It’ll taste so good it could make a grown man cry…



Feature Image Via Liz Bushong
e.e.cummings pendant

7 Literary Valentine’s Gifts to Woo Your Bookworm Beloved

Are you wondering how best to make sure your other half doesn’t dump your bookworm butt this Valentine’s Day? Well, never fear, they won’t leave you if you buy them these things. 


"Never leave me because I'll fall apart and die" gif

You | Via Tenor


e.e. cummings “i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)” necklace  


i carry your heart necklace etsy


Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Necklace


Lightening Bold Necklace etsy


“My Heart Burn There Too” Pendant from IT


My Heart Burns There Too pendant


Wind-Up Bird Pins from The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami


Wind Up Bird pins etsy


Jane Austen Quote Print 


Jane Austen Quote Print Etsy


The rose from The Little Prince


The rose from The Little Prince


Little Women charm bracelet 


Little Women charm bracelet



All Images Via Etsy