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Strand is Coming to the Upper West Side!

If you’re a New Yorker that loves books than you know what a landmark the Strand Bookstore is. The store opened in 1927 on a fourth avenue block, then called Book Row, which held forty-eight bookstores. The owner and creator, Ben Bass, was only twenty-five when he started the store. He wanted the store to be a place where book lovers and writers could come together, so he named the store after the street in London where writers such like Dickens went to gather. It was in Greenwich Village and at first it was place for writers to sell their books, and then in 1957 it moved to it’s current location on 12th Street and Broadway.

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Now Strand also sells merchandise such as journals, socks, pens, bags, shirts, etc. Of course they also sell books, new, used, and old, or in other words, classics. The other Strand locations are the kiosks in Time Square and in Central Park. However, next month Strand will be expanding to the Upper West Side, Columbus Ave between 81st and 82nd street.

The store that used to be in that location was Book Culture, but due to a dispute between John MacArthur, who is the president of Harper Magazine, and Chris Doeblin, who is the primary owner of the New York Times, the store closed, and now Strand will occupy the location. The store will be called the Strand on Columbus Avenue, and of course book loving New Yorkers are excited to see this new location. Out of the forty-eight bookstores that were on book row, Strand is the only one that still stands. Strand is here to stay.

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