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10-Year-Old Author Writes Book to Support Premature Babies

Ten-year-old Boston McClarty is unlike most children in more ways than one: not only did he survive his own premature birth, but he also went onto self-publish a children’s picture book to support babies in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit). His twin brother, Declan, was not so lucky. After his brother’s death in infancy and his parents’ pain, Boston decided to write a children’s picture book for all the struggling families of the NICU.



The NICU can be a place of great hope and enormous loss. “We saw both sides of the NICU,” said Susan McClarty, mother of the twins. “We saw the tragedy, and we saw the miracle.” Boston’s own experience as a premature baby makes his own life an optimistic story for parents who fear for the longevity of their own children. But his life isn’t the only story he’s chosen to share with these families.

McClarty’s first book, Heroes Are Made, is dedicated to his twin brother. For each purchased copy, McClarty will donate a blanket to the NICU. Each blanket will be accompanied by a personalized letter from McClarty explaining his story in an effort to share some semblance of hope and community with parents of sick or premature babies. Boston says he’s already at work on his second book, which will come with similar charitable endeavors.


'Heroes Are Made' by Boston McClarty


The book is as creative as it is uplifting:

Yikes! A group of evil robots is attacking the town of Pendale on Gib Planet. Would you be brave enough to fight? These kids are! Join Captain, Ninja, and Swirl as they do everything necessary to save their town.

Thus far, Boston has donated nearly 500 blankets.


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Meet the Man Who Overcame Illiteracy at 47-Years-Old

According to a study done by the United States Department of Education, there are approximately 32 million illiterate Americans. Norman Brown of Bakersfield, California was one of these Americans, that is, until he signed up for tutoring at the age of forty-seven. Brown first fell behind his classmates in elementary school, but was able to make it through tenth grade.


“Back then they sort of set you aside. I don’t know how I got to the 10th grade. This is insane that I went so far in school.” In 2014, Central Connecticut State ranked Bakersfield the least literate city in the United States. 


Brown sought help at the Kern Literacy Council and began receiving weekly tutoring to develop his reading abilities. Prior, he had trouble applying for jobs with written applications and would ask his friends to complete the paperwork for him, though thanks to his improved reading and writing skills, he’s been able to launch his own auto body shop specializing in classic cars. 


“Four years of tutoring and now the sky is the limit!” said Brown, with a huge smile on his face. “Step aside, because I’m coming through!”



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