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Stream These Exclusive New Releases At Home

In the wake of this pandemic, places are shutting down. Restaurants, bars, and movie theaters are no longer open to the public until further notice. So, to make this shut down a bit smoother for people, the movies that were going to be released in theaters this month, are now going to be available to watch at home.


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Universal Pictures will be switching the movies currently in theaters, such as Emma, The Invisible Man, and The Huntto make them available to watch at home, where they will remain yours for 48 hours at a price of $19.99. You can watch them on cable demand services, and they will also be up for rent on GooglePlay, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and FandangoNow.  During a time as stressful as a pandemic, this offers an invaluable service to those stuck at home.

Movies usually have a delay of three months before they are made available for home viewing, but now there is no need to wait. Some film releases are being delayed, however, being that they are destined to be big hits, such as Disney’s live action Mulan, while the new Fast and the Furious has been pushed back a year. Disney + even added Frozen 2 to their streaming service a few months in advance. These movies are the little things that will make getting through this quarantine easier. It’s hard on movie theaters, and other establishments like restaurants, to get through this time, but everyone is doing the best they can. Right now, it’s important to stay indoors, watch a movie, and wash your hands.


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Constance Wu

Constance Wu to Star in ‘Goodbye, Vitamin’ Adaptation

Universal Pictures has just optioned the rights to Rachel Khong’s Goodbye, Vitamin. Set to join the project as lead actress and executive producer is Crazy Rich Asians and Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu.


Khong’s book captures the story of Ruth, a single woman who moves back in with her father ailing of Alzheimer’s. The story is a tragicomedy, where most of what would be the melodramatic points are lost due to her father’s memory loss. Ruth and her mother, with no cure to rely on, begin feeding him dried jellyfish supplements and vitamin pills in hopes of some help. It’s quirky, it’s weird, and it is absolutely brilliant! The book won a series of awards, including the California Book Award for First Fiction.


Goodbye, Vitamin cover image and Rachel Khong

image via paperback paris

Dylan Clark will produce with his Universal production company, Dylan Clark Productions, and Jennifer Yee McDevitt is set to do the adaptation.

featured image via los angeles times