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Allison Stanger’s ‘Whistleblowers’ Takes Timely Look at History

When Alison Stanger began writing her new book, Whistleblowers, she probably didn’t imagine it would release on the exact same day that the U.S. House of Representatives announced a formal impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump on the basis of a whistleblower complaint. However, that doesn’t mean she’s exactly surprised: “In a sense, this whistleblower complaint is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s been going on for quite some time, ever since Trump was elected” says Stanger.

As a professor of politics and economics at Middlebury College, Stanger is quite familiar with how whistleblowing has periodically shaped U.S. political history. She describes Whistleblowers as an episodic history of whistleblowing in the U.S from the Revolutionary War to the present.



In an interview with WCAX, Stanger commented on the whistleblower complaint against Trump that recently came to light:

The whistleblower complaint reveals this cover-up of what you might say the Intelligence Committee sees as a double-fold national security threat. On one hand, the president is running a rogue foreign policy where [Rudy] Giuliani and [William] Barr are pursuing a foreign policy that’s directly at odds with the official policy of the State Department and Congress because they appropriate the funds for military aid to Ukraine.

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Though Stanger believes whistleblowing is a heroic duty Americans need to keep those in power honest, she recognizes that whistleblowers are often severely punished for doing a good thing:

Their lives are destroyed. They lose their jobs. It never turns out well for them so it’s a very selfless act to blow the whistle and we need to keep that in mind and be sure this whistleblower is protected and safe…Whistleblower after whistleblower suffers. This is not something one does lightly. One pays an enormous price, so in a sense, this whistleblower has sacrificed for us, the American people, and for the sake of our democracy and we should be grateful.

Nevertheless, Stanger contends whistleblowing is a vital to the health of any democracy. Whistleblowers looks to be an insightful history of the impact whistleblowing has had in shaping America!

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Picture Book About a Trans-Child Wins A Major Award!

Today’s world can often seem extremely anti-LGBTQ, with society feeling oppressive toward people who fall outside the line of heterosexually. But there is still a lot of good news, especially with the recent news about the book called Julian Is a Mermaid.  



The book is a children’s picture book that tells the story of a young boy called Julian who comes to terms with his queer identity, showcasing his attempts at dressing in woman’s clothing and how his nana reacts to his attempts to embrace his new identity. The author and illustrator Jessica Love, who was partly inspired by a trans friend, never expected it to be published. After all, many U.K. and U.S. imprints are yanking books off shelves who have gay or trans protagonists, with children’s work a big victim of this unfortunate practice.


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On Sept 11, Jessica Love was proven wrong when her book won the much coveted Klaus Flugge prize. The prize goes to the most exciting newcomer in children’s book illustration and on Wednesday night, Jessica Love took it home. The judges called the book ‘astonishingly beautiful’ and were further quote as saying:

‘Julian Is a Mermaid reminds us that picture books can make us understand the world differently and better; that they are for everyone. It is a groundbreaking book.’

Love went onto note that the recaption had been mostly positive but there was some hostility toward her work for supposedly spreading the ‘gay agenda.’ She noted Julian is a Mermaid was drawn from her own personal life, with Julian’s nana based off her own queer role modes, her aunt and her aunt’s wife. She wanted a book that could provide the support she received to millions around the world.


Jessica Love

Image VIa Letstalkpicturebooks.com


She is extremely humbled to win the prize and is now working on a sequel, again featuring Julian and his nana. She found the book’s success totally gratifying and paralyzing at the same time. She hopes to continue to give her characters further life, while hoping the success doesn’t overwhelm her. But with the amount of joy and praise she has received from the LBGTQ community, she is likely to continue to soar upward much like Julian himself.




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