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‘Game of Thrones’ Drops Explosive Trailer for the Final Season

On Tuesday, the trailer we’ve all been waiting for dropped. The epic trailer for Game of Throne’s final season dropped and oh boy, it is a doozy.

Among the spine-tingling images highlighted in the trailer are:

+ Cersei sitting alone in her throne room, crying as she sips a glass of wine. Cersei upset? This doesn’t bode well at all…

+ Jon Snow and Daenerys, side by side, standing before Drogon and Rhaegal. It seems the fan theories are coming true, as it looks like Jon Snow will finally embrace his Targaryen heritage and ride a dragon.

+ Grey Worm donning his helmet, flanked on all sides by his Unsullied brothers in combat, no doubt preparing to fight the enemy.

+ The magnificent dragons flying over the landscape, showcasing epic splendor and beauty as they soar together.

+ And most tantalizing of all: the army of Winterfell standing assembled with many familiar faces of our heroes among their ranks. Before a single hoof of the Night King’s horse stomps into view, facing Winterfell’s defenders.

Suffice to say, this season will be utterly epic in scope, with these battles perhaps surpassing everything we’ve seen before. The final season is only a little over a month away now and we, for one, can’t wait. Let’s just hope everyone’s favorites make it out of this final chapter alive.



Featured Image Via Wired 

Peter Dinklage in Rememory

Tyrion Lannister Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

So, we may not want to acknowledge it, but this series of ‘Game of Thrones’ is nearly over, and it’s going to be hard without our weekly dose of Tyrion Lannister. All is not lost.


Peter Dinklage will star in thriller ‘Rememory’ as a detective named Sam Bloom. Bloom sets out to solve the murder of a scientific pioneer who created technology allowing the extraction and viewing of memories. By using his invention, Bloom uncovers a web of deceit. 



The film premiered at Sundance, and Variety commented on Dinklage’s “committed and empathetic performance,” while The Hollywood Reporter called it “a good-looking mystery whose sci-fi elements take a back seat to meditations on guilt and deception.”


The film also stars Anton Yelchin, Julia Ormonde, and Henry Ian Cusick. It will be released September 8th. 


Featured Image Courtesy of Nerdist