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Government Workers in Alaska Use Typewriters After Cyber-attack

Once there were typewriters on every word-processor’s table. With the invention of computers, those good old things are piled up in the warehouse and into the dust. But I remember those tap-taps and I know one day they will come to light.


The day is coming. According to BBC, a borough of U.S. government workers in Alaska turned to traditional typewriter to do their jobs after unexpected and malicious ransomware attacked the computer system. 




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Ransomeware is a type of malicious software that encrypts or scrambles data and threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. 



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So far, some info about this disaster released: First, the ransomware attack happened on July 24th but the borough speculated that the malicious software may have been dormant in the system since this May. Second, the borough reported that all of its 500 desktop computers running Windows 7 and 10 had been infected and 120 computer servers were also affected; what’s worse, even the telephone and door entry card system were infected.


Though the whole technology has been paralyzed for days, IT people have rebuilt part of the system and saved some datas. “There is optimism for the recovery of additional data,” said IT director Eric Wyatt, “Encrypted data will be stored for months or years in hopes that the FBI will recover the decryption keys.”


So, what does this piece of news suggest? Besides the cliche “remember back-up your data!” I think the old school performance of typewriting plays an important role in this event. Don’t spit on those “technologies” that you thought were out-dated; maybe someday they will save you.




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To those good old friends. Tap-tap.





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