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Top 10 Magical Harry Potter Tweets!

It’s J.K. Rowling’s birthday, and, since she’s THAT author, that means it’s also Harry Potter’s birthday! Not the series, the titular character. Since he’s our chosen one, well, I’m celebrating, you’re celebrating, everyone is celebrating! And some of us have taken a break from binging the Harry Potter movies or speed-reading through the series to Tweet ‘congrats’ to our favorite boy who used to live under the stairs.

So since we’ve looked away from our pages and our screens, let’s stare at the article on this screen and look through the Top Ten Best Harry Potter Tweets.







With those two tweets, I think we can all agree that…







Don’t fret if you didn’t get a letter to Hogwarts, because if you were there, you’d probably have some homework like this…





Not to bring the mood down, but if you want to ride the real-life Hogwarts Express that was used for the movies, then you can ride the West Highland Line. Seriously.

The West Highland Line was used for the movie. If you like it, recommend it to friends or become a member of The Friends of the West Highland Lines, a community group and media organization that seeks to direct funding toward service improvements and making sure the line stays running. If you want more information, check out our article on it here.



Before we get to our final Harry Potter Tweet. Let’s take a moment to remember a star from Die Hard, a star from Prince of Thieves, a star all around, Harry Potter’s own Professor Snape: Alan Rickman.



Do you think we’re going to have something as big as the VR mobile game Wizards Unite? Maybe it’s another Fantastic Beasts movie!




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J.K. Rowling’s Tweets and Harry Potter’s Legacy

Although the final book in the Harry Potter series was published over a decade ago, the Harry Potter universe has continued to expand dramatically. This is not only thanks to the film series, the amusement parks, or the Fantastic Beasts series. One of the most fascinating, if not infamous, sources of information into the wizarding world comes from J.K. Rowling’s twitter account.



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It started back in 2007 when Rowling disclosed that our beloved headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, was gay. This took the fanbase by storm, and the revelations kept on pouring in over the years: Hermione might be black, there are Jewish students at Hogwarts, many quidditch players suffer from CTE’s, there’s no tuition fee at Hogwarts, etc.



One of the more recent bombshells came when J.K. Rowling revealed through the Pottermore twitter account that “Hogwarts didn’t always have bathrooms. Before adopting Muggle plumbing methods in the eighteenth century, witches and wizards simply relieved themselves wherever they stood, and vanished the evidence.”

Some believe that Rowling is just milking the cow for everything it’s worth. There is a trending meme format going around where people insert absurd Harry Potter facts into a fake J.K. Rowling twitter account.


Image result for nobody jk rowling

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Whether or not we’re left scratching our heads at some of the additions, the Harry Potter fanbase eats it up like candy. We’re so invested in this world that every little drop of information is precious. As Harry Potter’s birthday roles around this July 31st—the same day as Rowling’s—we are left to wonder at the legacy this series left behind. However, no matter how many arbitrary details are added on after the fact, fans will always admire the wizards they’ve come to know and love. No tweet can ever change that.


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Canceled Film ‘Mouse Guard’ Posts Demo Reel, Showing Us What Could Have Been



The Mouse Guard movie is officially dead. Disney has scrapped Fox’s planned adaptation of the popular graphic novel series by David Petersen. There were hopes the project was just delayed or finding a new home, but alas, the project has officially been canceled. Director Wes Bell confirmed this sad news via Twitter:




While it’s a pity Mouse Guard won’t see the light of day, Petersen also shared some cool stuff that might have represented what the final movie could have looked like. Petersen celebrated the enormous effort the pre-production team had done for the movie in an i09 article in which he showcased sculptures, pre-production art, and the studio that would have been used. The demo reel made for the film was posted by Wes Ball on his YouTube channel, and it showcased what could have been.

While obviously incomplete and lacking any audio, the demo reel captures the feeling of the books excellently. Notable scenes from the demo reel include a showcase of the Mouse Guard society; multiple clashes between mice that feature cool, flashy choreography; and giant creatures such as turtles, crows, and snakes that almost function as dragons to the minuscule mice.

The screenwriter also lamented the project’s death and said so in a Tweet, in which he attached the ENTIRE SCREENPLAY online for anyone to read:



This is an incredible level of insight for a project that’s been canned. We can tell everyone attached to this was extremely passionate about Mouse Guard, and hopefully, someday, it can begin life again as a film adaptation. In the meantime, check out the demo reel below and see what could have been.


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