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"Can't believe Harry Potter dies at the end of endgame smh"

Our Favorite Bookish Tweets This Week

It’s time for some Friday Twitterature! As one of our many weekly features, Bookstr is taking a look back at some of the best tweets from our feed this week: celebs gush over Game of Thrones, spoilers threaten Avengers fans everywhere, and Jeff Bezos wants to ship to the moon. Get ready for the weekend (as if you weren’t already right there) with these literary tweets.


1. This dangerous tweet from kehlani




2. This self-promo tweet from Flo (of the machines)


3. This fan-fueled praise from Stephen king


4. in case you wanted to cry some more


5. Amazon ceo’s private space company is out for delivery


Amazon, the company set to take over the book publishing world AND the real world, may have some new developments. FYI, Blue Origin is basically Jeff Bezos’ own private NASA. We assume he wants to colonize space or become the next man to land on the moon (or the first, depending on whether or not you believe the conspiracy theory). He mysteriously Tweeted out a date without explanation or context… so, we can assume that this is the day he finally claims our souls?


6. family night pro-tip: don’t watch your own sex scene




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"My third grade teacher yelled at me in front of the whole class for suggesting that there could be more than one main character in a book."

10 Funny Bookish Tweets to Get You Through the Weekend

The week is long and full of terrors. Whether you can’t survive another second without the upcoming Game of Thrones season or you’ve just been worn down by the crushing weight of the workweek, some Friday twitterature is sure to perk you right up. Don’t want to be ‘perked up’ and would rather slowly decompose in bed for the next few days? Your bed is just a good a place as any to have a laugh at some delightful twitterary content. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting lit or reading lit; your Friday is about to get a bit more entertaining.

You may not have had time to read this week, but you’ll want to make time to read these 10 hilarious bookish tweets!












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