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David Lynch

‘Twin Peaks’ Creator David Lynch Releasing Memoir This Month

David Lynch has just announced the coming release of his biography/memoir Room to Dream.


Room to Dream

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The book is a completely fresh and unique look inside of the childhood and personal life of the artistic visionary himself which, until now, has been kept mostly private.


Lynch’s works are so incredibly one-of-a-kind, he’s a filmmaker who’s work you recognize the moment it’s on-screen. And, inside this creative hybrid of biography and memoir, the reader will get to dive straight into the mind and heart of Lynch, and watch his journey (along with all the heartbreaks, successes, and falls) to bring his films to life as it all unfolds.


Room to Dream was co-written by David Lynch and popular journalist Kristine McKenna


McKenna covered the biographical portions; interviewing Lynch’s old agents, friends, ex-wives, colleagues, and pretty much any and everyone who has come to personally know the famed visionary. 


Lynch’s portions of the book are melodic, expressive, dreamy, honest, and raw (much like the filmmaker himself). His works (Twin PeaksMulholland Drive, Blue Velvet) always have so many twists and turns, along with a whimsical-yet-frightening atmosphere they’re unlike anything else; they’re always suspenseful and satirical and everything else that could possibly exist in between. Even The Guardian named him “the most important director of the current era.” And, his portion of the book really helps the reader understand his vision and why he makes the things he makes.


Having the opportunity to look inside of such a historic, prolific, creative mind is so exciting and something you don’t want to miss! This book can’t come out soon enough!






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Twin Peaks

New ‘Twin Peaks’ Book Promises to Enlighten You as to WTF Just Happened

**Warning: Twin Peaks: The Return spoilers below**








The recent return of David Lynch’s classic Twin Peaks (aptly titled Twin Peaks: The Return) was met with delight and, almost immediately after, absolute befuddlement. The eighteen episode series concluded in a satisfying yet eyebrow-raising final five minutes.


Agent Dale Cooper tracks down a Texas woman who looks exactly like Laura Palmer, but she insists her name is Carrie Page. She has no recollection of Laura Palmer. Cooper takes Page back to Twin Peaks to return her to her mother after twenty-five years. Turns out Mrs. Palmer doesn’t live in the house and never did. Cooper’s completely baffled, Carrie hears a voice whisper “Laura,” and screams. Really wails, it’s a scream that’ll make you believe in ghosts. There’s a shot of the house, then the lights go out. Fade to black.



As Twin Peaks does, this scene takes inspiration from several sharp fan theories. Co-creator Mark Frost’s new book, Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier, confirms the meaning behind The Return’s final moments: the theory Frost essentially confirms is that Cooper has crossed into an alternate dimension to reverse Laura’s fate, with electric-demon Judy foiling Cooper’s plan and trapping him in another Twin Peaks, unable to ever return to reality. The theory also suggests Cooper succeeded in preventing Laura’s death.


Here’s the excerpt from Frost’s book, written as if it’s a dossier of classified FBI files, that seems to confirm certain parts of the theory:


You know what else I discovered, Chief, in that same article, a few sentences later? This:


“Agent Cooper had come to town for a few months earlier, to aid in the investigation into the disappearance, still unsolved, of local teenage beauty queen, Laura Palmer.”


Let me repeat that phrase for you: “still unsolved.” No mention of “murder,” “wrapped in plastic,” or “father arrested for shocking crime eventually dies in police custody of self-inflicted wounds.”


It’s right there on the front page: Laura Palmer did not die. So, fairly certain I’ve not misplaced my own mind, I go back and check the corresponding police records. They tell me this: Laura Palmer disappeared from Twin Peaks without a trace — on the very same night when, in the world we thought we knew, it used to be said she died — but the police never found the girl or, if she had been killed elsewhere, her body or made a single arrest.


Cooper seems to have succeeded saving Laura Palmer, but at what cost? His own well-being and presence in reality?


Cooper is the hero we need. Lynch and Frost know this and that’s why they took him from us.


Pick up Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier here in hopes that it will make sense of TV’s greatest bamboozler.


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Twin Peaks

David Lynch Partners With Danish Brewery for ‘Twin Peaks’ Craft Beer!

So a fourth season of Twin Peaks won’t happen until at least 2021, if ever, according to David Lynch. However, you can now drown your sorrows the Lynchian way. Mikkeller, a Danish microbrewery is brewing a line of Twin Peaks-inspired beers.


The beers are the Log Lady Lager, the Red Room Ale, and the Damn Good Coffee Stout, which is brewed using the David Lynch Signature Cup Organic House Blend. Lynch was ‘heavily involved’ with their production and he even designed the labels! 


the beers

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“Lynch and his team sent us a mood board of various Mikkeller labels they liked and shared images of Lynch’s drawings,” Mikkeller said.


The beers will be served at Lynch’s upcoming Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles, then distributed in Mikkeller’s locations in LA, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Diego. Unfortunately, if you’re outside of California, they’ll be tough to get your hands on. But hey, it’s nice to know they exist right?


If you’re still hankering for further Twin Peaks-iness, why not read the book Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier by co-creator Mark Frost!


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