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Top 5 ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Memes

This month is the nine year anniversary of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1, and the eight year anniversary of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.  In honor of these two movies, here are some memes that are just too good not to share.



1. Not really a bad example


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Okay, so this movie does shed some light on teen pregnancy in an unrealistic way. We are already confused as to how a dead vampire can produce sperm, but is Bella staying a size two unrealistic? She barely ate while pregnant and Renesmee was basically killing her so of course she’s a size 2! As for her growing at rapid speed, she’s half vampire, and that in itself is confusing. But again, how is Edward able to produce sperm?


2. The Coach from Mean Girls was right!


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Bella is a special case, considering she was carrying a half vampire baby in her fragile human body. Which was Bella’s choice to die so she could finally become a vampire. So, if you get pregnant by a vampire, then this will happen.


3. Not Impressed


Image via Inerd4u


Renesmee does not look impressed by Bella when she first lays eyes on her. You know, after her mother risked her life just to give birth to her, Renesmee could care less, but that’s okay because Bella is alive and a vampire like she wanted, but you know Renesmee just doesn’t care.



4. Funny!


Image via Tumblr


This should have been a real scene! The anger Jacob was going through with Bella marrying Edward angered him enough to actually say something like this. Too bad he didn’t, but at least we have this meme.


5. Nothing happens in Forks


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All of those vampires showed up, we thought there was this huge battle, turns out its just one of Alice’s visions. At least we got some false alarm action. Those vampires traveled all that way for nothing! Oh well, they’ve been alive long enough to know not every vacation is exciting.



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