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GoT Jon and Dany

11 Hilarious Twitter Reactions to ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer

The new Game of Thrones season 8 trailer is here, and it’s BANANAS.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is below!



Twitter users had some pretty hilarious reactions to the much-awaited trailer—I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the best reactions Twitter has to offer:


  1. Like this person, who does not want to be the next addition to the white walkers’ army:


2. This user, who is overwhelmed by the possibilities:



3. This user, who cannot. Stop. Rewatching:




4. This user, who will protect Arya at all cost:




5. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) who had a very relatable viewing experience:




6. This person who noticed that TORMUND IS ALIVE!!!!! (Nothing else matters to me TBH):




7. And this person, who also shares my enthusiasm for Tormund remaining in the land of the living:




8. This reminder of the additional content we’ve been blessed with:




9. Some people simply could not STAY CALM:




10. This person, who needed a way to cope:




11. Finally, I’ll leave you with Kit Harrington, who is trying not to let his facial expressions give away any spoilers:




At least we have these tweets to hold us over until the drop date on April 14th!!!




11 Hilarious Literature-Related Tweets

Monday gets a lot of hate, but Tuesday is arguably worse- you’re not even half way through the week, you still have a misery-hangover from Monday, it’s probably raining, you may have seen a dead rat on your way to work…any number of unpleasant things can have happened by Tuesday.


But never fear, for Bookstr is here with a compilation of hilarious literature-related tweets from the endlessly amusing inhabitants of Twitter dot com. So, let these tweeters bring a smile to your face as we edge ever closer to hump-day, and sure, by then it’s nearly the weekend!


Via Tenor



Featured Image Via Know Your Meme

Stephen King’s Tweets Help Save a Local Book Review

According to Publishers Weekly, MWPA (Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance) succeeded their goal in persuading the Portland Press Herald to continue producing coverage in its local book review in Maine. The newspaper planned to cut $400 in costs every month in removing Maine Sunday Telegram. MWPA executive director, Joshua Bodwell, said this would have affected the 1,350 members of MWPA who are writers and publishers—and would’ve lost them one of their sources of income. Bodwell also added that members were concerned with wire service reviews and how they would overshadow Maine authors.


Image Via Publishersweekly.com


“We have so many Maine authors who are members who aren’t able… to attracts national reviews,” Bowell said. “That they may be able to receive coverage in the largest newspaper in the state is crucial.”


It was thanks to an online petition launched by MWPA that asked the newspaper in respect to reinstate the book reviews. You know who is also a member of MWPA? You guessed right, Stephen King. The Maine native himself took it to Twitter and told his millions of followers to “tell the newspaper DON’T DO THIS,” while also posting his skepticism regarding the newspaper’s intentions.


Image Via Twitter


Image Via Twitter


Image Via Twitter


Since Sunday, the petition has collected over 800 signatures and thousands shared King’s tweets. The newspaper responded by launching a new subscription which gained 100 new digital subscriptions by using promotional codes with literary reference like KING, CARRIE, and other Stephen Kings bestselling novels. This drove the funds to save the section, while the newspaper will definitely keep the budget for the reviews, said Cliff Schechtman.



Featured Image Via Medium

11 Lit-Related Tweets to Start Your Weekend off Right!

I once read this book about singularity…it really sucked me in!


It is Friday yet again which can only mean…it is time for another list of insanely witty tweets to get your weekend rolling the right way.


So, open your windows, roll up the blinds, kick your boots off, and get ready!


























Image Via GIPHY




Featured Image via Twitter


13 Hilarious Lit-Related Tweets for All Your Friday Needs!

Hey hey party people, it is officially Friday again which means…



It’s time for yet another list of wild-and-out literature-based tweets! I have searched the far, wide, and dark reaches of the Twittersphere to bring this list to you; kick off your heels, unzip your jumpsuit, pour yourself a glass of something cool, and let all of your weekday worries go with these thirteen tweets! 



Come on my fellow avid readers…let’s get weird!






























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