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New Biography Offers inside look at Melania Trump

CNN’s Kate Bennett has covered Melania Trump, current First Lady of the United States, since her husband took office in 2016. In her new biography, Free, Melania, Bennett offers readers the first behind-the-scenes look at Melania. Bennett makes the case that most of the rumors about Melania aren’t exactly true – she’s not just a trophy wife, nor is she a secret member of the #Resistance.

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To research Free, MelaniaBennett met with some of Melania’s childhood friends who knew her as an aspiring model. She traveled to New York, Mar-a-Lago, and Melania’s home country, Slovenia. In one passage about her traveling to Slovenia, Bennett writes:

Ask a Slovenian if ‘resting bitch face’ is a thing in their country, and they will look blankly at you and say, ‘it’s just ‘face.’

In a recent interview, The Washingtonian‘s Andrew Beaujon sat down with Bennett to talk about all things Melania.

Bennett even had something to say about the whole “I really don’t care, do u?” coat fiasco in 2018, when Melania wore the now-infamous coat to visit migrant children.

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That jacket is the biggest mystery of Melania, and there are many, many mysteries of Melania. It was a terrible, terrible decision [to wear it] and will be part of her legacy.

I always say that there are no Melania Trump coincidences. If you were to ask her, “Did you wear that white pantsuit at the State of the Union as a symbol?,” she would say, “No, I just wore the white pantsuit.” But there’s no question that everything she does, especially nonverbally, is a thoughtful decision. Which was why the jacket was so strange….The worst thing about the jacket was that it negated the impetus she had for making that trip, which I think came from a good place.

Bennet and Beaujon talked about the issues Melania’s taken charge of in the last year – vaping and bullying – but Bennet could not confirm whether Melania’s youngest son, Barron, vapes. And, of course, Bennet commented on the conspiracy theory that Melania Trump is being held hostage in her marriage:

AB: Which brings us to their relationship. Does she like him?

KB: This answer always surprises people when I tell them. The answer is: Yes, she does. They speak throughout the day. On the phone. Constantly.

This is another thing that surprises people: She really digs living in the White House. I don’t think she would have chosen to be First Lady, but now that she’s there . . . . I’ve never thought she was trapped.

For more of Kate Bennett’s musings on the First Lady, pick up her new book Free, Melania available from Macmillan Publishers.

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An Idaho Ruffian is Hiding Library Books Criticizing Trump

The librarians at the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, public library usually spend most of their days helping patrons and doing the day-to-day upkeep of the library. However, they’ve recently had to play an elaborate game of hide-and-seek with one disgruntled patron who keeps hiding books critical of Donald Trump.


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Bette Ammon, the library director for Coeur d’Alene, said about 20 books have disappeared or been deliberately misplaced in the past year:

A gun rights book, we just found it last week behind the O’s in the fiction [section] on the bottom shelf behind a bunch of books.



This ruse apparently began last summer in 2018. Around that time, the librarians received a strange comment card:


I noticed a large volume of Books attacking our President. I am going to continue hiding these books in the most obscure places I can find to keep this propaganda out of the hands of young minds. Your liberal angst gives me great pleasure.


The author of that note probably wouldn’t be too happy now, though. The Coeur d’Alene library has had to reorder copies of certain books like Fire and Fury to meet demand. Often, librarians find the hidden copies in the library months or weeks later. But, since they’ve already bought the replacement, they just keep both.



Right now, we have three copies of Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff. We only would have ever bought one…We have three copies of the April Ryan book and we would have only bought one of those.


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The librarians at Coeur d’Alene of course tried to get to the bottom of it. They tried putting up a web camera to catch the perpetrator in the act. But they quickly realized they had nowhere near enough time to comb through all the footage. One librarian flew his drone through the library to search for the misplaced books.


Those are only the tops of the stacks, so we couldn’t see the shelves down below, but it was kind of fun to do that.


Overall, Ammon wishes the perpetrator would just put this whole thing to rest. Instead of having to go on these wild goose chases every few weeks, she wishes the library could just be let alone to do its job: connecting readers with the books they want.

“People want to be able to read what they want to read and don’t want others to control them,” Ammon said.



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