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Yes, Book TikTok is a Thing and Here’s 10 of The Best

TikTok has shown us that, when it comes to creativity, the limit does not exist. Book people did not hesitated to joint the TikTok trend; and they’ve done it beautifully. Here’s ten of them that are as funny as they are relatable.

1. Here’s this one about the struggle of loving fictional characters a little bit too much.

2. And this one that shows how passionately people are against dog-earing (don’t worry, we still love you if you do).



3. We all do this, right?


4. To all of our unread books: sorry. 


Can you tell I have a big TBR pile ? But #CraveTheBook releases tomorrow… so what’s one more?? #yabooks #bookclub #booknerd #tbr #books #entangled

♬ original sound – entangledteen


5. One for our happy place. 


6. Seems pretty obvious to me!



7.  At least our comfort series will always be there for us…



8. For the love–hate relationships we have with our favorite authors.


9. Because who needs sleep when there are books?


10. And finally, because it happens to the best of us.

BRB, gotta go record some TikToks now—I mean, read.

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