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Find Out the Who, What, Where, When of Women in Translation Month

It’s August, which means it’s time to crack into some books by women in translation! Why? You guessed it! It’s Women in Translation Month! 


Women in Translation Month was founded by Meytal Radzinski and “is a global collaborative project to help remedy the discrepancy between the amount of works by women published in English translation, and how they are critically received.”


Due to its aim of “giving a voice to those who are often ignored,” the month includes writing in translation by trans* and non-binary writers. 


Persepolis cover

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Women in Translation Month has been held each August since 2014 and has been gaining attention with each passing year. Last year saw special displays in bookstores everywhere from the UK to Ireland, to the USA, the Netherlands, and Germany. 2017 is seeing in-store events in the USA and Ireland amongst others!


Some of our favorite books by women in translation include Elena Ferrante’s ‘Neapolitan’ novels, starting with ‘My Brilliant Friend,’ and the groundbreaking graphic novel ‘Persepolis‘ by Marjane Satrapi.


My Brilliant Friend

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Approximately 30% of new books translated into English are by female authors. Very few books are actually translated in the first place, and so women become “a minority within a minority.” The problem then extends to how and if these books are reviewed, and if they receive media coverage or recognition. 


This is the first year the Warwick Prize for Women in Translation will be awarded to one of 58 books put forward for the £1,000 award. The prize is open to fiction, poetry, literary non-fiction, or works of fiction for children or young adults. The shortlist features entries from all over the world including Slovakia, Ireland, Korea, Russia, Serbia, and many others. The full list can be seen here.

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