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Librarian Inspires Action Figure Of Her Own, and It’s Pretty Super

Nancy Pearl is joining the ranks of superheroes, Star Wars characters, and Transformers, because she now has her own action figure. Seattle-based novelty company, Archie McPhee, crafted one of their most popular action figures after Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl



via Archie McPhee


For only $9.95, you can get your own “caped crusader that fights anti-intellectualism, ignorance, and censorship everywhere.”


action figure

via Archie McPhee


Nancy, a best-selling author, librarian, literary critic, and reader, is definitely deserving of an action figure of her own. Not only did she win Librarian of the Year in 2011, but she also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association in the same year. 


action figure

via Archie McPhee


Her efforts to spread literacy to all is definitely an underrated superhero quality.


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Toys R Us Bankruptcy

So Long, Toys R Us, But Here are 5 Books About Toys!

The news broke this week that Toys-R-Us filing for bankruptcy and going into complete liquidation, so in honor of the childhood classic that’s effectively been put out of business by Amazon, here’s a list of our favorite books involving toys to honor the rise and fall of Toys-R-Us.


1. The Velveteen Rabbit is one of the first books I remember reading, or being read to me, so it holds a special place in my heart. It also was the beginning of my fascination with rabbits and their impeccably soft ears. 


The Velveteen Rabbit

Image via Penguin Random House


2. I haven’t actually read The Magic Toyshop myself, but Laura-Blaise raved about this book, calling it one of her favorites and a “crazy surrealist feminist novel from the 80’s”, so I’m adding it to my list and shortlisting it to the top. 


The Magic Toyshop

Image via Goodreads


3. The Indian in the Cupboard is one of my sister’s favorites, because she and my grandfather shared, still share, a love of old Westerns. I was too young to get into it when they did and then once I was it was ~their thing~, but that’s neither here nor there.


The Indian in the Cupboard

Image via Amazon


4. Harold and the Purple Crayon is another one of my favorite childhood books. Who doesn’t love the tale of a young boy and his magic purple crayon? Go ahead, get nostalgic. 


Harold and the Purple Crayon

Image via Amazon


5. Calvin and Hobbes is the end all be all of childhood for me. My sister and I had all the collections, and I mean by the time we were adults, all of them, and I expect she still has them. I loved Calvin and I loved Hobbes, just like we all did. And if you don’t know about Calvin and Hobbes, well now you do!


The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

Image via Calvin and Hobbes Wikia


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‘Paddington 2′ Just Became Rotten Tomatoes’ Best Reviewed Film Ever

Just weeks after releasing into theaters, Paddington 2 has won over many critics, earning a certified 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and receiving 164 consecutive fresh reviews, shoving long time favorite film Toy Story 2 into second place with its meager 163 fresh reviews. 


Though the beloved childhood classic has received critical acclaim for decades, the success of Paddington 2 offers a pretty big win for adaptations.





The success of Paddington 2 falls into line with the critical acclaim of its predecessor, Paddington (2015). Directed by the same director, Paul King, the film saw critical and cultural embrace. Of the sequel, film critic Courtney Howard said, “With a heartening, valuable and wholesome message, coupled with dazzling animation and a smashing dose of whimsical hilarity and fun, [Paddington 2] is an unforgettable cinematic gift.”


Adapted from the beloved children’s series written by Michael Bond, the Paddington series follows a lovable bear (named Paddington) who ventures off to England in search for a new home after his previous one is destroyed. The series (and film counterparts) detail his adventures and escapades along the way.



Image via StudioCanal


Paul King, director of Paddington 2 and its predecessor, expressed joy at seeing the handiwork of his team receiving such recognition. He said,


The Paddington films are a real labour of love. So many people pour their hearts and souls into them for months or even years, hand-crafting every last frame, and we are all incredibly grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had so far.


The recognition Paddington 2 has received is important, as it emphasizes the success adaptations can have on the big screen. The work King and other directors have done to effectively portray incredible stories like Paddington introduce audiences to the worlds and characters that authors have created. In turn, the acclaim and recognition that adaptations received can transfer interest to their source material. All in all, it offers a big win for the incredible authors whose work has touched us so deeply.



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Tamagotchi Is Back! We’ll Do Our Best To Keep Them Alive This Time

If you somehow managed to avoid the Tamagotchi craze way back when, then you’re in luck: next month, your favorite virtual pet is making a limited return to the United States to celebrate its 20th anniversary!


As of today, you can preorder online at select retailers, and, starting November 5th, you can have your very own for only $15! With six different variations of shell color and style, each Tamagotchi will include six characters and the box will be a replica of the original 1997 packaging.


To tide you over, here are five of our favorite guides to keeping your favorite fake pets alive!


1. Tamagotchi: The Official Care Guide and Record Book


Tamagotchi: Official Care Guide

Image via Amazon


2. Tamagotchi Egg, An Unofficial Guide: Intentionally Useless Advice for the Shell-Shocked Parent


Tamagotchi, an Unofficial Guide

Image via Amazon


3. How to Train Your Dragon


How to Train Your Dragon

Image via Wikipedia


4. The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock


The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock

Image via Scribd


5. The Ultimate Guide to Sea-Monkeys


The Ultimate Guide to Sea-Monkeys

Image via Amazon


Featured image via Digital Spy UK.