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Tom Hanks, Typewriter Enthusiast, Pens an Oscar Winning Book

The man we all know and love has a little surprise for us. It’s safe to say we now love him just a little bit more. Tom Hanks has put together a loveable book trailer for his new collection Uncommon Type: Some Stories and I am extremely excited.


Tom Hanks

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This Academy Award-winning actor has been in the biz since 1980 and his name has since gone through the roof. I, like many, associate him with fan-favorite movies such as Big, Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and so many more that made up my childhood. Basically, I love this guy. So what good news this is!


Tom Hanks

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Hanks will be releasing a collection of short stories called Uncommon Type: Some Stories, which will be released October 17th. That’s right around the corner! He also describes his time crunch and how he would write everywhere and anywhere he could. From planes to hotels to cars, Hanks was putting in the work to give us real life stories with versatility.


Check out the video trailer below thanks to Entertainment Weekly! Dressed in a casual shirt and thick-rimmed glasses, Hanks has a charming and relatable way of spending all his time at a worn, clanking typewriter to give us something we’ll genuinely enjoy…without all the fancy stuff.


Video Via Entertainment Weekly


Hanks’ earnestness and endearing video will definitely have us lining up for these seventeen short stories, which focus on immigrant life, family life, past relationships, and the workings of a celebrity world.


All we know is Uncommon Type is about to be our type.


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Tom Hanks to Release Book of Short Stories

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks is to release a book of short stories entitled ‘Uncommon Type.’ The collection will be launched at Southbank Centre’s London Literature Festival this year. Each of the stories explores the human condition and will contain the recurring motif of a typewriter. 


The Independent reported that the collection includes stories about a man fleeing civil war by immigrating to New York City, a woman adjusting to life after divorce, an actor enduring a whirlwind press junket, and the story of a billionaire eccentric and his assistant. 


Gif of Tom Hanks reading Pride and Prejudice

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“I am delighted to be presenting my first collection of short stories at London Literature Festival,” Hanks has said, “and am looking forward to reading a sample to the audience in Royal Festival Hall. It’s a privilege to be a part of a festival that features a line-up of living literary greats, and in London, a city that I find inspiring with its own rich history of storytelling.”


The London Literature Festival runs from 13 October to 1 November and will feature a number of authors such as Tracy Chevalier, Claudia Rankine, Philip Pullman and David Mitchell, with Hanks appearing November 1st.


Hanks has previously had short fiction published in The New Yorker.


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