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Tom Hanks to Produce ‘In the Garden of Beasts’ Adaptation

The director of Darkest Hour, the film that earned Gary Oldman his first Academy Award, has sett his sights on another World War II story. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Joe Wright is in talks to direct an adaptation of Erik Larson’s In The Garden of Beasts, with Tom Hanks to produce.


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This nonfiction book tells the story of William Dodd, who served as the United States Ambassador to Germany during Hitler’s rise in the 1930s. The book also examines Dodd’s family, particularly his daughter Martha who had an affair with Gestapo head Rudolf Diels. Larson chronicles the Dodd family as they slowly begin to realize the horrors and brutality of Nazi Germany.

An adaptation of this novel had been shopped around Hollywood for a while. Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman are set to produce the film through their Playtone production company. Though Hanks was rumored to star in the lead role at certain points, it is unknown if this will go ahead.

Some of Joe Wright’s other film hit adaptations include Pride and Prejudice, Atonement and Anna Karenina.



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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson to Star in Shakespeare’s ‘Henry IV’

Tom Hanks will star alongside his wife Rita Wilson in the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles’ production of Shakespeare’s play Henry IV. The show will run for twenty-four performances between June 5th and July 1st 2018 and will take place at the Japanese Garden on the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs campus. Hanks will play Sir John Falstaff. 


Parts 1 and 2 of Shakespeare’s play will be brought to the stage by Tony Award-winning director Daniel Sullivan. According to Variety, “2,000 tickets will be reserved for active and retired members of the military.”


Shakespeare’s play follows the reign of King Henry IV, and Sullivan’s version will focus on the story of Hanks’ Falstaff and the young Prince Hal who grows up to become King. 


The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles’s 25th Annual Simply Shakespeare benefit honored Hanks and Wilson, as they have been sponsors for twenty-six years. 


Last year, Hanks released his first book of short stories, Uncommon Type. On top of this, he is a remarkably gif-able human, and there are many great Tom Hanks gifs, but below is potentially my favorite. Enjoy. 


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Man Pulls off Epic Marriage Proposal…With Help From Tom Hanks of Course

It was just last month that award-winning actor, father, husband, and now-author, Tom Hanks, released a collection of his original short stories. So far it’s been a success because, hey, it’s Tom Hanks. We love that guy! And now we love him just a little bit more.


During an event for Uncommon Type: Some StoriesTom Hanks played the role of Cupid at the Texas Book Festival in Austen.


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He was in the middle of answering various audience questions when suddenly he blurted out that he was bored and he had his own question. He then proceeded to ask, “Nikki, will you marry me?” Well, that’s a surprise. The young couple, Ryan McFarling and Nikki Young, were then pulled up on stage by Hanks himself. Young, of course, had a look of total disbelief.


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When they did get on stage, McFarling finished the job properly on one knee as Young cried tears of joy. Applause and cheers broke out.


And if that ain’t love by the book, I don’t know what is.


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We Can All Thank Steve Martin for Tom Hanks’ Writing Career

Tom Hanks, whose debut collection Uncommon Type has just dropped, has The Jerk himself, Steve Martin, to thank for his newly established writing career. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Hanks revealed his writing hobby only became a real thing after he sent one of his stories to his fellow actor-turned-writer buddy Martin. Hanks said, “I sent [Steve] a story and I asked him, quite frankly, ‘Is this a thing?’ And he wrote back, ‘Yeah it is a thing. Let me send it to my agent.'”



Thanks to Martin, who has written plays, novels, and the beloved memoir Born Standing Up, Hanks met his literary agent Esther Newberg. Not long after that, Hanks’ work appeared in numerous publications, such as the New Yorker and One Story. If you want to make it big as a writer, it clearly helps to have friends in high places, and, also, to be Tom Hanks.


It seems like Uncommon Type came out of nowhere, but hardcore Hanks fanatics are probably familiar with his typewriter obsession. He collects vintage typewriters. He owns over fifty. In fact, he was even featured in the recent typewriter documentary California Typewriter, alongside John Mayer and Sam Shepard.


Anyway, you can thank Steve Martin for this opportunity to go even farther into Hanks’ psyche, and pick up Uncommon Type here!


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Tom Hanks, Typewriter Enthusiast, Pens an Oscar Winning Book

The man we all know and love has a little surprise for us. It’s safe to say we now love him just a little bit more. Tom Hanks has put together a loveable book trailer for his new collection Uncommon Type: Some Stories and I am extremely excited.


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This Academy Award-winning actor has been in the biz since 1980 and his name has since gone through the roof. I, like many, associate him with fan-favorite movies such as Big, Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and so many more that made up my childhood. Basically, I love this guy. So what good news this is!


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Hanks will be releasing a collection of short stories called Uncommon Type: Some Stories, which will be released October 17th. That’s right around the corner! He also describes his time crunch and how he would write everywhere and anywhere he could. From planes to hotels to cars, Hanks was putting in the work to give us real life stories with versatility.


Check out the video trailer below thanks to Entertainment Weekly! Dressed in a casual shirt and thick-rimmed glasses, Hanks has a charming and relatable way of spending all his time at a worn, clanking typewriter to give us something we’ll genuinely enjoy…without all the fancy stuff.


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Hanks’ earnestness and endearing video will definitely have us lining up for these seventeen short stories, which focus on immigrant life, family life, past relationships, and the workings of a celebrity world.


All we know is Uncommon Type is about to be our type.


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