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As we near the end of February, New York is finally starting to feel the cold (thanks for holding it off this long, global warming). If you’re reading from somewhere in a bathing suit and sunglasses, just know I hate you. Kidding. Besides, we’ve got some red hot new releases that might just keep us warm through the season, and so I give you Bookstr’s week in review!

P.s. i still love Noah centineo

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This week, Lametria gave us the scoop on the long-awaited sequel to All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. While the movie received mixed reviews, I think we can all agree that hunky Centineo’s smile on its own deserves a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Take a peek here, but beware of spoilers!


three to read

Okay, just this one last post and I promise we’ll quit forcing the whole romance theme on you (momentarily, at least). This is a big deal: Cecilia Ahern is finally back after sixteen years with a sequel to the bestselling novel PS I Love You… not to be confused with the Netflix sequel discussed above. Check it out along with the rest of Nehal’s swoon-worthy recommendations for Valentine’s month here.

retrograde got you down?

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‘Tis the season to blame all your problems on Mercury being in retrograde. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of books both lighthearted and motivational to get you through it. Bonus: These five books feature protagonists tackling new beginnings… great for anyone going through major (or minor) life changes. Let’s be honest, Mercury in retrograde always brings about some sort of weird change. If all of these recommendations are too soft for you because you actually thrive under chaos and are a heavy metal reader, you can also scope out these great new thrillers. I like your style.


out with the old, in with the new



Apparently there’s a new genre in town… this one’s meant for people between the ripe ages of eighteen and thirty. “New Adult” is basically YA but with slightly older characters, as to appeal more to folks in this transitional period of life. Getting old never has to mean getting boring, guys! See what all the fuss is about here.

Speaking of genres, we lost an icon of western literature this week, True Grit author Charles Portis. He died of natural causes at the age of eighty-six and will be remembered as a true American legend.

There you have it my hungry little bookworms, you’re all caught up for now. Check back next week for the short and sweet version of all things lit. Until then, you can tag along with Bookstr on our socials; FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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P.S. I Still Love You Movie Review!

The wait is finally over! The long awaited sequel to All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, has finally graced Netflix’s with its presence. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is a great follow up and it picks up right where we left Peter and Lara Jean. The two are officially dating for-real this time and the film starts off with their first date at a fancy restaurant. Lara Jean is beautiful in red and Peter is a gentleman, and they end the night at a lantern festival, where Lara Jean writes hers and Peters initials on a lantern and sends it into the sky as a wish that they stay together forever.

How sweet! Then, Lara Jean gets a letter from one of the boys Kitty, her younger sister, sent a letter too, John Ambrose. Lara Jean, must now decide if she wants to reply or not, but she doesn’t have to decide because John Ambrose is volunteering at the same retirement home she is volunteering at. What a coincidence! NOT! She hasn’t seen or heard from this boy since middle school and then she gets a letter from him and now they’re working together? COME ON!

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So, now is when you would think Lara Jean would be conflicted about her feelings for John and her feelings for Peter, but that’s not what we get, at least not really. However, Lara Jean doesn’t tell Peter she’s working with John and she doesn’t tell John she has a boyfriend. Secrets come to light when they all gather together to say good-bye to their childhood treehouse. Peter gets jealous because Lara Jean didn’t ask him to bring pizza. Seriously, pizza? According to him it makes it seem like Lara Jean and John planned it, instead of him and Lara Jean, but John and LJ did plan it. Anyway, that leads to a little dispute between the two and then they forgive and try to move on.

Now comes the part in the movie that I think a lot of girls can relate too, Lara Jean dumps Peter because of his friendship with Gen, his ex. Chris, LJ’s best friend, shows her a picture of the two hugging and before he can explain LJ lets her insecurities come to light and she bites the bullet and dumps him. As a female, being in your first relationship or any relationship and not feeling enough is real and I loved how LJ showcased those emotions and her constant worrying about Peter not being happy with her because she isn’t Gen.

Which brings me to another part in this movie, the treehouse scene with LJ and Gen, and how LJ opens up to Gen about her feelings towards her and it’s a nice moment. Are the two BFFs again? No, but they do realize that they will always be connected, by Jung, which is what LJ says is Korean for a relationship that can’t be severed. Best part of the movie in my opinion.

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As the movie continues, Lara Jean is still struggling with her break up with Peter, and even though John is still available, he isn’t Peter and John realizes that when the two share a kiss during the dance they put together for the retirement home. LJ feels absolutely nothing during that kiss and as much as she likes John, her heart belongs to Peter, so Stormy, one of the senior citizens who befriends LJ, encourages her to follow her heart and go find Peter. Lucky for LJ she doesn’t have to go find him because he comes to her, which brings me to question, how did he know she was going to be there? That is too ironic and too perfect, but it’s a movie so stuff like that is supposed to happen, so with that said you can guess what happens next right? If not, then well Peter and LJ kiss and get back together and the movie ends with the happy couple watching as their beloved treehouse gets taken down.

What an ending right? I expected a little more but oh well. It’s a good enough to hold my attention for an hour and forty minutes, and even though I enjoyed the first movie more, this one is still good, and I recommend it if you’re in the mood for a good teen romance movie.

If you would like to read the book, you can purchase it here.


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5 Lovely To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Memes


He So Would

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“Look, girl I’ve clearly had a thing for for a minute, it’s nice of you, and I’m super single, but I’m NEVER gonna catch feelings. PS, you wanna fake date? I’m a jock so I’ve never read fanfiction.” I mean, it’s sort of clear that the second they start fake dating, he’s just done, like, oh, she’s actually amazing. It was either the best or worst idea he’s ever had.


Great Plan

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Isn’t this just cannon? I mean, it’s not an insurance scam, but he does claim he wants his ex to take him back. He doesn’t say he wants to fall in love with her for real, but the way he looks at her, even when he’s rejecting her, is incredible. He writes actually nice notes in stead of just fake ones!



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I think this is absolutely right, accept for Kitty. Listen to me. Of course Peter wants McDonalds. Of course Lara Jean is the same but just a touch more practical. But Kitty? Kitty likes foreign foods. She’s also stone cold. She’d be like, “McDonalds? Why?” Now I really wanna see this scene in the sequel.


Classic Yogurt Sadness

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Well, if she doesn’t want any yogurt, I guess he’ll just have to eat all the yogurt himself. It’s also really valid of him to drink a bunch of yogurt while sad. He could be chain smoking or something, but he’s a cinnamon roll, so he’s drunking a bunch of yogurt. Would you talk to this guy on the bus? I mean, I don’t know. I’d be interested.



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I mean. He’s just so considerate. He’s like, little sister with big dick energy? I respect it. Does the right thing as much as he can after the video. Goes wildly out of his way to buy yogurt she likes. But the popcorn. God, the popcorn. He’s like, yes, wildly adorable pillow fight. Let’s do this. But I don’t want to make a mess for my mom, and Lara Jean might want popcorn later. What a good egg.


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‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Debuts on Netflix

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was released last weekend on Netflix. The film is based off of Jenny Han’s 2014 novel of the same name which saw wide success, spending 40 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list in the Young Adult fiction section and getting published in 30 different languages!


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The plot follows Lara Jean Coveya sixteen-year-old half-Korean, half-white girl living in Virginiawho keeps love letters to all the boys she has ever loved in a hatbox given to her by her late mother. Chaos ensues when all of the letters are secretly mailed out to her former crushes.


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The film, like the book, stays true to the awkward, hormone-addled experience of teenage love. “I write a letter when I have a crush so intense that I don’t know what else to do,” Lara Jean tells us in the outset of the film.


Lana Condor

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Leading actress, Lana Condor portrays Lara Jean Covey as a smart yet shy teenager with a witty sense of humor. Her identity as a Korean/American is meaningful to her character and an important feature to a film genre that normally lacks Asian representation.



It’s a film that manages to be both a great adaptation and a step forward in representation.


'To all the Boys' trilogy

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The sequel book, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, published on May 26th 2015, has already finished filming and planned to be released in the beginning of 2020 on Netflix. A third installment, based on the Always and Forever, Lara Jean, published on May 2, 2017, is currently in production, so fans of the series have a lot to look forward to!



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