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Our Top Genre Picks This Week: Sci Fi/Fantasy

Each week, Bookstr will be offering a look at some of the best novels in a particular genre for your continued reading list. Today, we’ll be recommending five recent science fiction and fantasy novels for your reading pleasure. Sci-Fi and fantasy novels provide gateways into other worlds, full of aliens, monsters, magic, and cool technology while addressing themes that cannot be showcased in nonfiction reading. Here are some of the top five recent ones!


5. The priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon


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Most fantasy epics these days divide their content into trilogies or even longer. But author Samantha Shannon decides to throw that out and crams an entire trilogy’s worth of content into a single volume monster. The Priory of the Orange Tree follows the tale of three remarkable women whose fates are bound to the world.  Sabran IX is a queen whose bloodline binds the Nameless One, a dragon of god-like power that is sealed at the bottom of the sea. Her bodyguard, Ead Duryan is the queen’s bodyguard, part of a secret society of mages protecting the queen with magic. And across the ocean, Tane is a dragonrider about to commit a societal taboo. Full of intriguing characters, dragons, monsters, and more, this is a must read for any fantasy. And best of all, its one and done: no sequels here to wait for!


4. The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson


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The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson is a historical fantasy novel set during the Spanish Inquisition. It follows two members of the royal court,  a woman called Fatima and a palace cartographer called Hassan. Hassan has a special ability: he can draw maps to other worlds, enabling him to go anywhere he pleases. When Fatima accidentally reveals her friend’s powers, they’re forced to flee, pursued by enemies and aided by strange individuals. Blending the fantastic and the real, this is a unique novel centered on the relationship between the two fire-forged friends.


3. The Fever King by Victoria Lee


A man glowing with ethereal light stands amidst a forest sprouting from his form

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A fusion between post-apocalyptic and fantasy, the novel takes place in the distant future, where the United States has collapsed and a magical plague is spreading throughout the world. A young man awakens in a hospital, discovering the virus has killed his family but left him with the power to control technology. Reading like a superhero novel at points, the boy is taken into a refuge to be trained among other teen ‘witchlings’ as they’re called. A nuanced YA read, this one is definitely worth picking up for themes that heavily touch on our own political climate.


2. The Infinite Detail by Tim Maughan


Multiple colored dots are arranged together to resemble a continent above a swirling hurricane

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The Infinite Detail by Tim Maughan is another post-apocalyptic novel that’s scarily relevant to our world, telling about fake news, the lack of privacy brought on by the internet, and an inability to tell what’s truly real. It takes place on an island nation called the Croft separated from the rest of the world. A terrorist organization, however, attacks the island and destroys all its technology, including the internet. Global trade, communication, and more actively cease overnight. The book centers on the island’s inhabits in the aftermath of the cyberattack, struggling to survive as they hoard things like CDs as precious treasure. The portrait of the novel is a harsh reminder of what the world could turn into overnight, a scary, yet relevant portrait of the possible near future.


1. Titanshade by Dan Stout


A noir detective in sunglasses and an alien in a suit stand side by side in the bustling city streets

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Titanshade by Dan Stout is a debut novel combining the rich, cynical layered world of a detective noir with a fantastical world. It takes place in the titular Titanshade, a bustling metropolis in the heart of a frozen wasteland on the corpse of a demigod. The plot is kickstarted when a detective named Carter is hired to investigate the death of a frog-like diplomat from a neighboring. His investigation takes him into the seedy heart of the city, mixing the cynical detective tropes with a magical world thats sweet on the outside but rotten within.



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