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‘The Kissing Booth’ Author Celebrates Second Movie with the Third Just Announced!

Oh be still, our beating hearts.

The Kissing Booth has all of the ingredients of a perfect rom-com; unreasonably attractive people, dance machines, love beating the odds, drama, sex, fun! It’s a no-brainer. The first adaptation of the series of the same name was released in 2018, and while it wasn’t exactly critically-acclaimed (it has a 17% Rotten Tomatoes score), it’s a ton of fun, easy watching, and has an incredible cast. Jacob Elordi wowed in Euphoriaand Joey King is an acting force to be reckoned with in The ActDespite mixed reviews from the “high-ups” in media reception, the movie is a firm favorite among many, such as the TikTok community!

Author of the series, Beth Reekles, took to the platform to *subtly* flex how well her story has done, as a big f you to anybody who doubted her talent in school! Even better? She did it with a Hamilton soundtrack:

@bethreeklesnot gonna lie, this is… my biggest flex. ##thekissingbooth ##kissingbooth ##thekissingbooth2 ##booktok ##authorsoftiktok ##hamiltonmemes ##booklovers ##fyp♬ I Know Him – Jonathan Groff

In the words of Reekles herself:

“People in school telling me I “told boring stories” and making me feel like a weirdo. Me, writing stories anyway…and publishing eight books, with multiple translations, and having two Netflix movies”

All captioned “not gonna lie, this is… my biggest flex”



Beth’s novel was initially penned on self-publishing site Wattpad when she was a teenager (garnering over 19 million likes!!) It was first officially published as an e-book by Penguin Random House, before its release in print by Delacorte Press, an imprint of the former. Following the first film, the sequel was released on Netflix just last week, with the third instalment officially announced today!

Personally, as a connoisseur of cringe, I LOVED the movies. I haven’t had a chance to read the books, but knowing the author is this cool? Definitely adding them to my TBR. Now, if anyone needs me, I might just watch the second movie again.

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TikTok banner

Yes, Book TikTok is a Thing and Here’s 10 of The Best

TikTok has shown us that, when it comes to creativity, the limit does not exist. Book people did not hesitated to joint the TikTok trend; and they’ve done it beautifully. Here’s ten of them that are as funny as they are relatable.

1. Here’s this one about the struggle of loving fictional characters a little bit too much.

2. And this one that shows how passionately people are against dog-earing (don’t worry, we still love you if you do).



3. We all do this, right?


4. To all of our unread books: sorry. 


Can you tell I have a big TBR pile ? But #CraveTheBook releases tomorrow… so what’s one more?? #yabooks #bookclub #booknerd #tbr #books #entangled

♬ original sound – entangledteen


5. One for our happy place. 


6. Seems pretty obvious to me!



7.  At least our comfort series will always be there for us…



8. For the love–hate relationships we have with our favorite authors.


9. Because who needs sleep when there are books?


10. And finally, because it happens to the best of us.

BRB, gotta go record some TikToks now—I mean, read.

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Did You Notice This ‘Little Women’ Blunder?

The tale of on-screen modernity in a period setting is age-old. We all remember the infamous coffee cup in Game of Thrones, right? No matter how many times we see it, it never loses entertainment value, and Little Women became the next victim of an editing oversight and eagle-eyed viewers. 

One such viewer (and fan), Madelyn Rancourt, took to Vine-reminiscent platform TikTok to show her findings. Her video, reaching 20.7k likes since its upload, highlights the Hydroflask that rests on a surface behind Timothée Chalamet’s Laurie. 


@madelynrancourtanyone else notice this? ##fyp ##foryou ##littlewomen ##hydroflask ##timothéechalamet♬ Little Women – Alexandre Desplat

Madelyn’s eye was matched with that of many twitter users, who have been sharing the viral stills, with hilarious comments, of course. 


Sony Pictures has not commented on the screen slip-up, but beyond “oops” what could they really say? I was not left wanting for entertainment after seeing Little Women *ahem* twice, but it really is the gift that keeps on giving. 

feature image via dailydot

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