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How to Get Rid of Books

I know, I know – the cardinal sin. But sometimes you have books you don’t need. What about assigned reading you don’t need? All the different editions of Hamlet I had to buy sophomore year? What if the last book in the series is terrible and you want to get rid of all of them out of spite? Here’s some guidance for doing the impossible.



Give Them to Friends


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Sure, they might say “these are too heavy” and “why are you making me take all these”, but they’ll be glad you did later. I mean, you have good taste, your friends have good taste, what could go wrong?

Benefits – You can make them come over and take them, and you can talk about them together.

Downsides – If you didn’t like them, you probably don’t want to put your friends through that.




Sell Them


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Solve your hoarding problem (it’s not a problem if it’s BOOKS) and make some money to buy more books. You don’t have a problem. You have a fascinating hobby. Plus, nowadays, you can mail them in for free, like to Powell’s.

Pros: Money! Ease!

Cons: Having to type in every ISBN.




Donate Them


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Still have books left to get rid of? Donate them! You can donate books a ton of places, like thrift shops and libraries. You can put them on craigslist if you don’t want to carry them anywhere, or you can leave them in a Little Free Library.

Pros: Quick and easy.

Cons: Will they be read and appreciated?




You Did It!

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Look how organized your shelves magically became! And all because you passed on some books you hadn’t touched in ten years (@myself). Ok, you might have to actually do the organizing too. But now you’ll only be organizing books you really love!


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Marie Kondo’s 6 Rules of Tidying May Not Be for Bookworms

Marie Kondo has taken Netflix by storm with her rules about tying and de-cluttering your home. People are excited to share their newly cleaned homes for the new year, making their spring cleaning more like a winter cleaning this year.


Her 6 rules of tidying:


1.    Commit yourself to tidying up.

    2.    Imagine your ideal lifestyle.

    3.    Discard first.

    4.    Tidy by category, not by location.

    5.    Follow the right order: clothes, books, paper, miscellaneous items and sentimental items.

    6.    Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

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Kondo, being the cleaning guru of the modern day, has released plenty of good advice, but there is one piece of advice that people just can’t seem to get behind.



The second biggest thing that one should work on tidying up in their household is books. While it’s very easy to throw out that sweater you bought 2 years ago and never wore again, books are a whole different story and Twitter responded loudly to this part of her guidelines.



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This only proves that to some people, having an endless supply of books is like hoarding, and to others it’s just like building a library.



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