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Chrissy Metz

‘This is Us’ Actress Chrissy Metz Releases Self Love Memoir

Chrissy Metz is widely known for her emotionally riveting performance as Kate on NBC’s hit show This is Us


For two seasons, viewers have watched Metz’ phenomenal performance as her character has worked to overcome childhood self doubt and achieve her ambition of becoming a recognized singer.


Now, Metz is bringing her message of self-love to print, with the brand new release of her memoir, This is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today.


This is Me memoir

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After fans spoke of their ability to relate to her character’s “humor, depth and vibrance,” Metz came up with the idea of writing a memoir in order to show the underlying struggles she has faced which helped to mold her performance as Kate Pearson. 


On the back cover of This is Me, Metz wrote a message to prospective readers:


I decided to share my struggles and triumphs. I want you to join me on my journey not just of self-acceptance, but of becoming the person we are meant to be. To move forward, I first had to look back to my early years in Gainesville, Florida. When my father left us, my life slowly devolved into the survival mode of trailer-park living. My mother married a new man, and at first I thought it was a new start, but instead it became a nightmare of humiliation over my weight. I started keeping secrets, whether it was about eating my feelings or my first love, a boy who truly cared for me but only when no one was watching.


In This Is Me, I want to give you an action plan for fulfilling your destiny and passion. I want to be that best friend in your head, sharing the are-you-kidding-me, I-wish-I-was moments that only come from being honest in giving life advice from my personal experience.



Spanning her rocky relationship with her father, who is no Jack Pearson, to her personal issues with weight which she used to relate to her character, Metz’ memoir promises to breach sensitive topics with the hopes of inspiring readers.


“I thought if I’m vulnerable and if I’m really honest with my feelings, it could help other people to do so as well,” Metz told The Today Show.


Chrissy Metz

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If there is one lesson fans can take away from her book, it is that they are enough.


“You’re enough just as you are, you don’t have to do anything special or extra,” Metz told TV Insider. “We’re all going through this journey, doing the best we can, but if someone doesn’t want to date you anymore or cuts you off on the road, it doesn’t have anything to do with you.”


“I think, sometimes, we take things so personally and then it stifles our growth or it really paralyzes us moving forward.”


Hear, hear. Metz’ memoir, This is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today will be released today and is currently available for purchase on Amazon.


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