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‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ Author Accused of Harassment, Won’t Affect Show

The future of hit TV series Thirteen Reasons Why, the adaptation of Jay Asher’s beloved YA novel, will not be affected by the author’s recent sexual misconduct scandal, it has been confirmed.


Asher has been expelled from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators over allegations of sexual harassment, however the Selena Gomez-produced TV show will continue into its second series. Executive director of SCBWI Lin Oliver has said:


We felt that terminating [Asher’s] membership was the proper course of action. We have always been really sensitive to sexual harassment issues and have a zero tolerance policy, but clearly our policies haven’t prevented violations, so we’re taking this opportunity to take another look at our guidelines.


Asher was not involved in the production of the upcoming second season of Thirteen Reasons Why, Netflix confirmed, and therefore the series will not be affected. The novel, and first series of the TV show, focuses on the suicide of teenager Hannah Baker, and the tapes she leaves behind, detailing the thirteen reasons for her death. The story deals with a number of serious themes including sexual assault.  


Katherine Langford in 13 Reasons Why

Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette in Thirteen Reasons Why. | Via Digital Spy


Asher has denied the allegations and has stated that he voluntarily left the Society. In his statement he says:


It’s very scary when you know people are just not going to believe you once you open your mouth. I feel very conflicted about it just because of what’s going on in the culture and who’s supposed to be believed and who’s not.


The second series will follow many of the characters from the previous thirteen episodes, moving past the story of the book and into unexplored territory. It is due to air later this year.  


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