Book Van That Donates to Kids in Need Stolen!

Alert: A book van that collects book donations for kids in need has been stolen!


The Maryland Book Bank Logo

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In Maryland there is an organization called the Maryland Book Bank. You not have heard of them, but you should. For reference, their website writes that they are “a nonprofit organization committed to cultivating literacy in children from under-resourced neighborhoods”.


A woman showing a child a book

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Specifically they help children in need by picking up hundred of donated books a day before either selling them to support the children’s program, dropping them off to those in need, or dropping them off at the post office in order to ship to those it can’t reach on the ground.



A woman handing a child a book

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When the van isn’t being driven around, it is part right outside the book bank where it tells people where they can drop off and pick up books for free. The van also has the Maryland Book Bank‘s inspiring motto on its side: “Donate a book, change a child’s life.”

Currently, the Maryland Book Bank is on track to distribute more than 400,000 books this year.



Disastrously, The Maryland Book Bank posted this on Facebook:

The program manager with the Maryland Book Bank, Kimberly Crout, admitted:

I was in complete shock. I didn’t believe the pickup driver at first when he told me. Honestly I thought it was a prank, so I think we were just blown away that it was gone.


a pile of books

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Employees last saw the van parked outside when they left the warehouse at around 2 p.m. Monday. Unfortunately, there isn’t a camera pointed at that spot and, as of now, police don’t have any suspects.

This is bad news for the Book Bank, which Crout also elaborated on:

What that means for us [is] we don’t have a feasible way to be able to go out into the community, pick up these book donations, and get the resources we need to redistribute to the kids that we serve

The license plate on the van is 8-BK-45-57. The van is white and has images of books on its side. Sadly, it is the only van the organization has, so getting it back is urgent.

Anyone who sees it is asked to call Baltimore police.



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$42,000 in Comic Books Stolen!

Holy thievery Batman!

Yes, Robin?


Adam West-Batman and Robin

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A smash-and-grab crook stole $42,000 worth of comic books from a Denver Store. Shouldn’t I be explaining this to you? isn’t that our thing? Also, which Denver Store?

Mile High Comics. Fox31 Denver says the store “is known for its large collection” and “has some of the rarest and most expensive comic books in the world”. Once he broke the glass, the dastardly devil stole valuable books that “had been locked in Mile High Comics’ showcase at 4600 Jason St. ahead of Denver Comic Con this weekend”.

Do we know who did it? Was it the Joker? It was the Joker, right?

We don’t know who did it, but this cruel crook cut himself on the glass and afterwards he tried to clean up the blood with toilet cleaner.

Just one question: Did he steal a Batman comic?


Mile High Comics’ showcase

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On a serious note, the merchandise stolen from the Denver store “includes the first ‘Avengers’ comic book, the first ‘Iron Man’ book and a rare autographed ‘Spider-Man’ edition”. It’s some expensive comic, and supposedly that Avengers comic book is wroth “about $14,000, according to experts” and fourteen books stolen are, all together, total about $42,000.

“Whoever did it knew what they were going for,” William Moulton of Mile High Comics told Denver7.

This seems right on the money, given that the security footage shows “the thief picking specific comics and putting them in a plastic bin”.


An unknown thief stealing comics

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His plan didn’t go off without a hitch, however, because in the process, “the burglar cut his hand or arm on a piece of broken glass” before proceeding to grab window cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner wipe up the blood.

The thief eventually took both the comics and the trash can filled with the bits of broken glass.

As of now the thief remains at large, but even Batman encourages anyone with information to call Denver Police at (720) 913-2000.



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