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‘Addams Family’ Series Coming to Netflix?

Tim Burton is expanding his legacy of twisted and melancholy film and entering the realm of television with his upcoming series based off of The Addam's Family. As fans wait eagerly for Burton's special dark magic to reach the small screen, multiple streaming platforms are battling for the rights, and Netflix is currently on top.

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‘The Addams’ Family Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

In honor of the new movie coming to theaters tomorrow, here are some quick facts about everyone’s favorite family.

The comic strip that started in 1939 didn’t do much to illuminate the family’s dynamics and many of the titular characters didn’t have names.

But in short biographies for the family members that were released in the sixties are more facts about them. Some that were adapted and some that weren’t.


1-Wednesday has six toes on one foot


For some reason that fact just adds so much more to her. I didn’t need to know this but I’m happy that I do.


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2-Pugsley can turn himself into Mr. Hyde


With just ordinary chemistry Pugsley has reinvented science and he is just a child. In some adaptations we see him playing with his homemade guillotine, dynamite and causing regular mayhem like stealing a stop sign and waiting to hear the crash but this is something I would love to see.


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3-Lurch was seen as a joke


The faithful and silent butler of the family is always there when he is called for. But it seemed Charles Addams’ creation of the character was meant for the family to see him as nothing more than a joke. It’s hard to think that the family didn’t treat him well. Although in the shows and the movies we don’t see any of this which I am grateful for.


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4-Morticia and Gomez aren’t married?!


Underneath the biography for Gomez, in parentheses, “if they are indeed married at all puts into question whether the most romantic couple are married or not.” People can have long standing relationships without being married but it would be crazy if these two weren’t. Thankfully there is no question whether the two are married and completely in love in the past adaptations.


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Here’s a link to all of the biographies and other pictures from the comic strip: Addams Family



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