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Suspenseful New Thriller Novels

It’s that magical time of the week again! It’s time to add some new books to your TBR, and this week is all about thriller. Who doesn’t love a good thriller? They’re full of so much suspense that will leave you wanting more! And these five books are some great new releases that you don’t want to miss!

  1. Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas

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Catherine House, is a school that is hidden deep into the woods. Students who are accepted have to say goodbye to their lives, all their friends, family, even music and teleivison for three whole years, summers included. The students are promised that they can become anyone they want to be when they graduate, and so far they have produced award winning authors, lawyers, artists, and even some presidents. This year, Ines joins the school, in hopes to get some intellectual discipline after years of partying, and drugs. However, Ines soon realizes that despite the discipline, the students are still involved with drinking alcohol.

Regardless, the school is still the closest thing to a home Ines has every had, and she even befriends her roommate, Baby. Baby is extremely timid, but her strong desire to fit in ends in an unfortunate tradegdy. Ines suspects the school is hiding something, an agenda that is conencted to the tight knit group of students that are selected to study a mysterious curriculum.


2. The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine

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The Wife Stalker, tells the story of Joanna, who’s husband, Leo, has been put under a spell by a new woman, Piper. Piper, just moved to the island, and she is well aware that Leo is married, and although she doesn’t like it, she knows marriages don’t always last. Joanna, has been waiting for Leo to become the man she fell in love with, since he’s been in a deep depression, and once he’s back to normal, he begins to be the loving father to their kids again.

Joanna is dismayed to learn that it wasn’t her love and support that helped him, but it was Piper. Leo is more than willing to leave Joanna behind for Piper, so Joanna decideds to do some digging of her own. She finds out some disturbing secrets,  and when she tells her therapist they pass it off as paranoia. Now she has to find proof before Piper harms Leo and her kids.


3. The New Girl by Harriet Walker

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The New Girl, tells the story of Margot, editor at Haute, and mother to a new baby girl. Most women envy her life, but then Margot’s best friend, Winnie loses her newborn baby boy, all of their dreams of being mothers together are out the window. Margot, also has to deal with her maternity temp, Maggie, who is trying to tarnish Margot in every way. Then someone begins to cyber-stalk Margot, and they have a big secret that Margot has tried to hide for years.  Motherhood is spiraling quickly for Margot and she feels attacked from all sides.


4. How to Bury your Brother by Lindsay Rogers Cook

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How to Bury your Brothertells the story of Alice, who believed her brother Rob would return home. Rob ran away when he was fifteen, and before he could find his way home again, his funeral happened. Years later when Alice goes back to her childhood home to clear it out, she finds the autopsy reports and sealed letters that are addressed from Rob. The autopsy reports shows the lies her family has been hiding and how she could have even played a role in it.

Now Alice must search for answers to questions she’s been afraid to ask, so she delivers the letters. With each letter Alice has no choice but to look into her family’s dark past. When she comes to the last letter, that’s addressed to an address to New Orleans, Alice must choose to let the past break her or bring her home.


5. Overkill by Uvi Poznansky

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Overkill, tells the story of Ashley, who moves to Clearwater, Florida. Unfortunately, when she arrives she finds herself being stalked by a teenager. Then, to make matters worse she finds herself in a shooting spree near an elementary school. Ashley then begins to wonder if the victim of the shooting was targeted by the killer. Now she must find and identify the shooter, before he comes after her next.

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