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Celebrate Umbrella Day at the Academy!

Today is Umbrella day so we obviously have to talk about The Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy was originally a graphic novel series written by Gerard freaking Way as you all know by now, hopefully.  Am I the only one who thinks it will take forever for season two? I honestly can’t be held accountable for what I do while I wait.


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The first season was incredible. It put the graphic novels on my radar and the fact that the ICON himself was behind it, was a sign that this was a gold mine for Netflix and for my heart. And for my Funko collection. I don’t have a problem, I promise. All of the characters, especially the Hargreeves siblings were so interesting.


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We have Luther, Number 1 AKA Spaceboy, who is incredibly strong and has the body of a large gorilla thanks to blood from their butler and companion Pogo to save his life.

Diego, Number 2 AKA The Kraken, who is skilled with knives and can hold his breath pretty much forever.

Allison, Number 3 AKA The Rumor, who can tell simply tell a lie by saying “I heard a rumor…” And alters reality making whatever she said be actually true.

Klaus, Number 4 AKA The Séance. Klaus is easily a fan favorite with the ability to communicate with the dead and even God on occasion.



The Boy, Number 5 AKA Travel Boy. Five is the oldest yet youngest of the siblings. He has the power of teleportation and time travel. Five got stuck in the future and stayed there for forty five years. He finally  figured out to come back to his time to get his siblings to together to stop the apocalypse.

Ben, Number 6 AKA The Horror. He has the power to unleash monsters from another dimension through his skin. Talk about power! The show starts with him being dead and he hangs around Klaus as a ghost because he’s the only one who can hear him.

Vanya, Number 7 AKA The White Violin. Vanya is the most powerful of her siblings without even knowing it. When she was younger, Reginald Hargreeves, the man who took them all in, had Allison convince Vanya that she didn’t have any powers because she was too powerful, even at a young age. For most of her life she was an outcast but when her power awoke she destroyed the world. She is able to change sound into energy with her violin.



Since the ending of the first season I was filled with questions. Would they follow the next graphic novel exactly, if not how will they adapt it? Where in time did Number Five jump his siblings and why did they become younger before they vanished? Does this mean that we’ ll see more of the Hargreeves siblings from their childhood; training and going on missions? My biggest question is what happened to Ben? He’s undoubtedly the best of the crew and there is still so much mystery around his passing in the show and the graphic novels. But it’s suspected that Luther made a bad call during a mission and what ever that decision was resulted in Ben’s death. Also where did Hazel and his cute girlfriend go because I could watch them all day.


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The Umbrella Academy Starts Production on Season 2

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy was one of the biggest surprise hits to come this year. Written by former My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way, the series follows adopted superheroes siblings who reunite to solve the mystery of their father’s death. With the series becoming so popular, a second season was quickly ordered.


Until now, we’ve had no word on when the second season will start filming. Today, one of the stars confirmed it will begin soon.


Actor Aidan Gallegar, who plays the time-jumping Number 5, posted on Instagram that filming has officially started:



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Season two starts now! ☂️☂️ #umbrellaacademy #netflix

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While Netflix hasn’t stated when the second season will air, it will most likely premiere some time in 2020.


Are you a fan of The Umbrella Academy? Are you excited for season 2?



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8 of Our Favorite Siblings in Book and Pop Culture

Hey everybody! In honor of National Siblings Day, let’s check out some of the literary siblings in pop culture!


1. The Weasleys, the Harry Potter series

The Weasleys

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Okay—the Weasleys’ status as #1 on this list is NOT up for debate! Each one of them has their own unique personality, and they’re awesome friends to one another and to Harry (and everyone else). Overall, they have the chillest, most playful sibling dynamic in pop culture right now (even though Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out 8 years ago). The only one of them who I actively dislike is Percy—Percy brings dishonor to the good Weasley name, and I vote to 1. Create a wall-sized mural of the Weasley family tree (I’m thinking of the Black family tree at Grimmauld Place) and then 2. Scratch Percy’s portrait off the tree (like Sirius’ was).


2. Klaus and Ben Hargreeves, The Umbrella Academy

Image result for klaus and ben umbrella academy gifGIF VIA BRUCE-WAYNE ON TUMBLR


The Hargreeves are all special in their own way *cough* Vanya *cough* but Klaus and Ben have the cutest sibling bond—one that can even *spoiler alert* transcend the boundaries between life and death. (Plus, Klaus is simply the best character even without Ben, and thats a FACT.)

3. The Salvatore Brothers, The Vampire Diaries

The Salvatore Brothers



Ahhh, the Salvatores. They made this list solely because of Damon, given that Stefan is both boring and a tool. As far as their dynamic goes, they might not get an A+ for the way they actually, ya know, treat each other, but they are there for one another when they need to be—they agree that no one but each other is allowed to ruin their lives, and they make a hell of a team against the Original Family.


4. Jon and Arya, Game of Thrones

Image result for jon and arya hugging gifGIF VIA TENOR


Again, this duo makes the list because of Arya—I’m sure this is a very controversial opinion, but I don’t think Jon Snow is a super original or interesting character. He redeems himself through his close relationship with Arya, though. They relate so well to each other because in some ways, they’re both outsiders—Jon for being a bastard, and Arya for not fitting in with other girls her age, who don’t seem to have a comprehensive list of people they want to kill. Shocking.


5. The Cullens, The Twilight Saga

The Cullen Family



I LOVE Twilight, and I don’t care who knows!!! The movie adaptation is so iconic that I can’t care how bad it is. While the best member of the Cullen clan is up for debate (my personal pick is Alice), you can’t deny that on the whole they’re a really tight-knit group. So what if they’re not actually related! They chose each other, and that’s all that matters :’)


6. Jaime and Tyrion, Game of Thrones

Jaime and Tyrion



Finally, a duo where both characters are amazing! (Also, I would like to specify I am referring only to book-Jaime, not show-Jaime, who is decidedly not amazing). Tyrion and Jaime’s bond is so special because Jaime is one of the only people who respects Tyrion, and Tyrion likewise respects and loves Jaime for it.


7. The Pevensies, The Chronicles of Narnia 

The Pevensies



The Pevensies are the definition of siblings who find each other SO ANNOYING but love each other anyway. Yeah, Edmund chose Turkish Delight over his family. But so, what? Magic made him do it! Tbh, Susan is also the worst. But Lucy and Peter are everything a King and Queen of Narnia should be, and they totally make up for the many failures of their siblings.


8. Jane and Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice 

Lizzy and Jane



Pride and Prejudice has some extremely questionable characters, AKA, literally everyone but Lizzy and Jane. But those two make up for the rest by being the best of friends, which they have to be in order to survive the nightmare that is the rest of their family. (Oh, Lydia.) Together, they manage to make things work. They never fail to hype each other up and always lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.



Gerard Way's 'The Umbrella Academy' is getting a second season from Netflix!

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Renewed for Second Season

We may never get more My Chemical Romance, but dry those emo tears! (And don’t smear the eyeliner while you’re at it.) The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for season two—and no, we’re not okay.


Robert Sheehan in 'The Umbrella Academy'

Image Via Metro Uk


Numerous factors have contributed to The Umbrella Academy‘s critical (and financial) success: for starters, there’s its author, the patron saint of every edgy mid-2000s teen. (If you say ‘Gerard Way‘ three times in a Hot Topic dressing room mirror, he’ll probably appear.) The star-studded cast certainly hasn’t hurt, with Robert Sheehan (of Misfits and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones fame) drawing in crowds of, well, misfits. You’ve also got gay icon and accomplished actress Ellen Page, whose role in Juno was a staple of a solid collection of childhoods. And let’s not forget Emmy Raver-Lampman from the original cast of Hamilton. That’s not all: there’s fifteen-year-old Aidan Gallagher convincingly playing a fifty-eight year old man while drunkenly clutching a mannequin. Oh, and there’s Mary J. F#cking Blige, who did all of her own stunts for the show. The Umbrella Academy is a perfect storm of pop culture sensations—and, most importantly, it’s incredible.


Hazel and Cha-Cha from 'The Umbrella Arcade'

The Opinion Arcade


Netflix doesn’t regret telling Marvel to Make Room!!! (Yes, there will be more MCR puns. Count them all if you can.) After canceling its Marvel series, Netflix has found financial success with The Umbrella Academy, which is less a show about superheroes and more a bombastic tale of dysfunctional personalities that counterbalances its darkness with poignant moments and whacky capers. The best thing about The Umbrella Academy is that it’s always sincere—even when two assassins are dancing, stoned, as they douse a laboratory full of fake eyeballs in flames.

(That might be a spoiler, but none of the spoilers will make sense without context. Just watch through To The End.)

The Umbrella Academy is in the top 0.03% of all TV shows currently airing, earning its current spot as top digital original series in the U.S. Unlike most of the choices the show’s characters make, that makes Netflix’s renewal a good decision.


'The Umbrella Academy' cast

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Netflix has yet to release any significant details about season 2, given that the most significant detail is that it exists. We only know the series will go into production in Toronto towards the end of 2019. Peter Hoar, who directed both the pilot and the finale of the first season, is set to direct the first episode. We don’t know exactly where the series will kick off, but we know it’ll be pretty dramatic, given that the series is likely to follow Gerard Way’s vision. In an interview with Collider, Way revealed that the first thing he did was “create an 18-page document that laid everything out,” including the plots of the comics “that haven’t come out yet.” So Look Alive, Sunshine! We may not get a happy ending, but it’ll certainly entertain.


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