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Move Over ‘Umbrella Academy’… There’s a New Super Group in Town

The Umbrella Academy is about to have their hands full in the upcoming third season with the Sparrow Academy officially coming to town.

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Go Watch Season 2 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

So as to avoid spoilers, all I have to say is this,




We will talk story, characters, plot and theories another time but right now, my brain is fried in the best way possible; the best way conceivably possible!

It was an experience of epic proportions! So do yourselves a favor, open up Netflix,


And if you don’t have Netflix, ask your bestie for the password so that you can WATCH IT together.

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Ranking Every ‘Umbrella Academy’ Member From The Worst To The Best

In preparation for season 2, I wanted to rank all of the Hargreeves siblings/Umbrella Academy members because...fun.

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