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‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Director to Direct Stephen King’s ‘The Talisman’

Stephen King fans, rejoice! The Talisman according to Collider is being adapted to a film. The Talisman, written by Stephen King and Peter Straub, tells the tale of twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer, a boy given the power to flip from one reality into another, finding himself in a world much like our own with a few notable differences. Using this power, he has to go on an epic quest to save his dying mother, befriending a werewolf, dealing with a boarding school of nightmares, and fighting against the villainous Morgan Sloat. Similar in tone to The Dark TowerThe Talisman is a fantastic read and one of King’s best novels.


Jack Sawyer stands before the novels main antagonist two different selves: Morgan Sloat/Morgan of Orrin
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Mike Barker, who has directed numerous episodes of The Handmaid’s Taleis slated as the director for the adaptation. Barker also had credits in Outlander, Fargo, and Broadchurch. Veteran scriptwriter Chris Spalding is slated to write the movie, a daunting task for such a dense book that we hope he accomplishes well. It remains to be seen what shape the story will take but we, for one, can’t wait to see! In the meantime, find the original novel and give it another read. We’ll keep our ears peeled for further news on this exciting adaptation!



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Surprising No One, Stephen King Has Another Adaptation on the Way

In a shocking turn of events (insert sarcasm here), an entirely new Stephen King adaptation is on the way!


King is certainly the literary figure of the year, showcasing his eerie, gruesome, and enticing plots on screens everywhere. It appears that he won’t be taking a break anytime soon. Hollywood is already working on an adaptation of The Talisman.


Co-written with Peter Straub, The Talisman follows twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer as he embarks on a quest to obtain a magical talisman that can cure his dying mother. His desperate search thrusts him into a parallel world, known as the Territories, in which haunting presences await him. 


The thrilling adventure will be written by Josh Boone, director of The Fault in Out Stars (2014) and New Mutants (2018). He will be joined by producer Frank Marshall and exectuive producer Michael Wright.


As audiences wait for further details, they can entertain themselves with other King adaptations. Netflix has released an adaptation of Gerald’s Game and will be premiere an adaptation of King’s horror novella 1922 on October 22nd. 


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